Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl ...

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Khandro | 23:26 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | News
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.... but she doesn't have a lot to say..
Have you seen her driving her Range Rover with aplomb (but looking a little cross) at 93, isn't she fantastic?


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I think she is fan tas tic.

At 93 still driving (on private land mind you) and still heading a huge company.

My Nan died when she was 93 but the queen has literally no real world problems to worry about though.
She’s amazing and I’m delighted she’s our head of State
Her Majesty in brilliant - that's the news.
News? Really!
Can someone please explain to me why she's 'brilliant/fantastic' etc, etc, etc.
For continuing to do what must be one of the most boring jobs in the world which she never asked for and with good grace and no complaints and still is into her 90s. She is admired and loved by many all over the world. I don't envy her one bit.
Yep, she’s 93 born into a Royal family, she’s served our country and continues to do so Ken, if say Bella from up the street worked tirelessly each day selling daffodils pins for Marie Curie , you’d say she was marvellous for her age? Our Queen gets up each day, maybe too tired to shake hands and stuff but she HAS to, I think she’s a remarkable women
Perhaps she's hanging on in there just to keep Charlie from sitting in the big chair?
//Have you seen her driving her Range Rover...//

Yes I have. A few years back I was driving southbound down the A149 from Hunstanton towards Kings Lynn on an icy December morning. Who should appear from the Sandringham Estate on my nearside (one junction down from where the DoE came to grief a year or so ago) but HM Queen, wrapped in a headscarf, tootling across the main road in her blue Range Rover. I could easily have braked with no problem in good conditions but these were not good conditions. I very light touch on the brakes and a quick couple of change downs and I avoided Her Maj by a few yards.
How on planet Earth can anyone, however old they are, be too tired to shake hands and stuff, Bobbisox? Besides which, she's very well paid. She's doing a grand job, granted, but 'fantastic', 'amazing' and 'brilliant'?
Because she's never put a foot wrong in all her long life. She was not born to the job, circumstances forced it upon her, but she has done extremely well.
At nearly 94 Ken , even standing there must be tiring
I don't meed to justify my opinion, she has been ever present during my lifetime and performed her duties rather well and I happen to think she's brilliant.
cassa333 you say 'but the queen has literally no real world problems to worry about though.'
Maybe not real world problems but certainly many family problems and all in the public eye.
She may not have been born to the job, Jackdaw, but from being about 10 years old, she would have been trained for it.
Precisely. How many on here are still doing their day job at 93?
How many on here are 93?
I think the queen has done an amazing job, sometimes in difficult circumstances.
Im feeling quite sorry for her at the moment.

She's 93, has always performed her duties with good grace and yet now her family have let her down badly, the recent problems with Andrew and now Harry to name but a few.

As well as Boris , brexit etc. Not to mention her husbands health.

The poor old girl must be wanting to wind down and put her feet up but how can she with both her Country and her family in such a mess?
I think Her Maj would be a different woman if her mama hadn't been so strict and stiff upper lip.
Her Maj has a wicked sense of humour in private and seldom lets the world see she is a human being.

She has mis-stepped on occasion but that was poor advice from her, errr well, advisors.

Also she follows the mantra, 'never complain, never explain'

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Her Majesty's A Pretty Nice Girl ...

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