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Khandro | 19:25 Fri 10th Jan 2020 | News
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“Brexit is going to happen and we just have to give Mr Johnson the benefit of the doubt.”

Gina Miller to the Evening Standard Londoner's Diary

Perhaps George Soros' dosh has finally dried up for her?


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Oh at long bloody last she gets it.

Mind you he has to stick to his guns about the future trade deal and relationship. He shouldn’t get pasted into a corner and agree to free movement. And there has to be a balance between trade and financial services. Because financial services the EU want to neuter the UK on and make us less free. The old president even said as much a year or two back.
As you say, cassa. From what I've read, the EU is trying the same trap that they laid for May (and she fell into it) and trying to stage discussions according to their ideas of progression. Whether or not it is true, I'm unsure, but it seems that they are predicating (or trying to do so) any trade deal on our acceptance of ceding access to our fishing grounds.

Hope Boris can be tough; he's going to need to be. Then, they want to neuter our financial power. W.T.O. rules beckon, I think, but if we accept that that is the position, then we can ignore them and go ahead and build trade deals elsewhere. Faced with a fait accompli, the situation and negotiations would change.

If only all Remainers have got the message - they haven't, they're still moaning on. :(
It must have been a slow day for quotes :-)

If it hadn’t been for Gina Miller then “BRINO”, “perfidy” - or insert description of your own choice - would have gone through without a vote ;-)
Maybe. And maybe if all had got behind the referendum result then perhaps the Tories wouldn't have felt they could elect a remainer party leader to try and prevent us getting out properly.
about bloody time, is all i wish to contribute.
ichkeria - yes, thank you Ms Miller!
Her name is not Gina miller.
Make your point Fraser.
Regardless of what has happened over the past three years there is nothing that says a remain thinking person has to change their mind or vice versa. An ex Tory MP died last year who was against Ted Heath taking us into the Common Market and he resigned his Cabinet position to fight for leaving the EU for the rest of his life. It took decades but he won his fight. Each person is entitled to their belief and position.
What we all have to hope is that we are not all forced to become Recoverers if things go totally Pete Tong for us after we finally (completely) leave the EU. There is the increased danger that a large percentage will step back and say, "I told you that it was doomed so you can sort it out yourselves" when buy-in to recover is at its most precious. And many of those may well be people who voted Leave but refuse to take any blame or responsibility. People are fickle and that is the main intangible in all this. I wish Boris and the Johnsons the best of British. Europe will not make this easy and to be honest why should they?
Fear not!. Ms Miller still has plans to thwart a proper Brexit:

//Her name is not Gina miller.//

Come on then, fraser. Put us out of our misery. What is it? (Unless you are suggesting she uses her maiden name - Singh - which, as far as I am aware she never has since she's been involved with Brexit).

jourdain //
Hope Boris can be tough;//
He certainly can be.
Am I the only one who thinks Boris is the best PM since Thatcher? Major, Cameron and May pale into insignificance by comparison.
jack//m I the only one who thinks Boris is the best PM since Thatcher?//
You are not alone, I agree with you.
Jackdaw - // Am I the only one who thinks Boris is the best PM since Thatcher? Major, Cameron and May pale into insignificance by comparison. //

In my view, valid comparisons can only be made when sufficient time has passed to see just what sort of a PM Boris will be.

All the names mentioned had a time in the job to get it right, and wrong, and all did both, so we need to allow Boris the same time and see what he does.

Potential does not equal achievement.
He's certainly the best at keeping a low profile, Jackdaw.

Question Author
Boris is renown for delegating; I expect he will find some people of real negotiating experience; a far cry from the career politicians & civil servants Theresa May employed such as Ollie Robbins, "The darling of Brussels" .
The quote of the day, imho, came from one of the ITV Racing team just after the 2.25 race at Warwick when her horse, Keen On, trailed in last of 4 finishers. "It's not been a great week for Her Majesty." he said :-//
"her horse" should have read, "the Queen's horse."
//Am I the only one who thinks Boris is the best PM since Thatcher? Major, Cameron and May pale into insignificance by comparison//

I would suggest he needs long than a month before that claim can be made. So far so good though.

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