Sloping Of To Davos..

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Khandro | 10:37 Thu 09th Jan 2020 | News
25 Answers the taxpayer's expense; nice work if you can get it?


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As long as we get a Ski slope out of it Khandro, bring it to Bolton.

//12.52 Supercop,//

Most flattered
At the end of the day my man (the winner) can opt for Davos or not.
Your man ( the greatest loser since the 1930s) goes to the back benches.
Get over it.:-)
Here are some slightly less hysterical links about the annual GB v Switzerland parliamentary ski race.

It’s not as a matter of fact paid for by the British taxpayer at all.
I’d imagine the Swiss hosts stump up for the bits the British MPs don’t pay forüber-das-parlament/parlamentsgeschichte/parlamentsgeschichte-detail?historyId=216
Question Author
ichi//It’s not as a matter of fact paid for by the British taxpayer at all.//

It isn't an official parliamentary holiday & 3 years have been wasted trying to get the referendum result into operation, there is now less that 12 months to do just that.
Swanning around on the ski slopes during term time isn't helping with that while receiving a full tax-payer funded salary
If it’s Brexit that bothers you I wouldn’t worry too much.
The government has already confirmed MPs won’t have a say in that.
And the numbers are hardly critical for votes any more.

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Sloping Of To Davos..

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