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Khandro | 10:44 Tue 31st Dec 2019 | News
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More to be pitied than scorned.

Time to leave the common room politics behind.
// Is this man certifiable?//
sounds like the archbish! F\FS! radio rental me old china!
Do you think he actually intends going?
Deluded ????

That's a massive understatement :P
There there Jeremy, drink your cocoa, take your pills and we'll put you to bed!
He seems to have the same tailor as Harvey Weinstein
Naomi, I wondered that as well.
I think he's forgotten he lost an election and is carrying on as normal.
Well, what he considers normal.

His fans will lap it up and I don't think there's enough true labourites who are brave enough to kick him out.
alba,//I think he's forgotten he lost an election and is carrying on as normal. //

That's exactly how it comes across to me too, alba - added to which he still seems to be suffering under the delusion that he's popular! Poor man.
"true labourites " albaqwerty ? Like this ?

Question Author
Well ^^ that is from the heart, Corbyn is all ideology from his not very bright head.
And the deed was done

i think he is trying to hang on to his job, come what may. deluded old goat..
Question Author
He's not very good on messages, this is the one from Derby he should have got;
Maybe Corbyn will do a 'Brexit'..... and NEVER Leave.
Here's another " from the heart" Khandro

In January 2015, the then UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, praised CAA for its work and undertook to ensure that the law against antisemitism is "robustly enforced"
In July 2018, the Labour MP Margaret Hodge became one of a number of honorary patrons of CAA.

Smart חכמים
Just watched this for the first time, and you do have to wonder whether he's actually losing his grip on reality.
i think the drubbing he caused has made him lose his marbles..

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Magic Grandpa's New Year Message

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