Communism, Actually

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Khandro | 23:38 Sun 29th Dec 2019 | News
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.... so why doesn't Jeremy & his oiks call it that?


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Khandro, that video is almost half an hour long. What are you trying to say?
The less successful follow up to Love Actually?
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naomi; //that video is almost half an hour long. What are you trying to say?//
For anyone interested in where the Labour Party of J.Corbyn has its roots & what it has become, presented in a clear, erudite manner, its well worth investing the 20 minutes, you could try a few minutes & see.
I only placed it in 'News' because the soul of the Labour Party (which I once voted for btw) is at present at an important juncture, the choice is between a long fight back, or oblivion.
Khandro, I’ve got the general idea of Labour’s roots and what it has become. I’ll leave the video to others although, as with most longish offerings of this nature, I doubt you’ll have many takers which is why a synopsis is always welcome.
Khandro - A very interesting video. It makes a good distinction between Democrstic Socialism and Social Democracy, which is more Centrist.
The extreme left are well represented by Andrew Murray and Seamus Milne, but it is disingenuous of the Labour Party to try to conceal the extremists in its ranks.
McDonalds Little Red Book incident was daft on his part, whereas Abbotts comments came from a woman who is just plainly daft.
I was shocked to learn about the attitude and comments from George Bernard Shaw. A real eye opener.
A little too much history & not enough about current situation.

Incidentally I found the sound on that breaking up quite badly - would this be a fault with the video, or my internet connection, or my laptop?
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Theland //I was shocked to learn about the attitude and comments from George Bernard Shaw. A real eye opener.//

Yes, wasn't it just? me too.
My sound was crystal clear.
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dave, I think the fault might be on you side, it was extremely clear sound for me.
I think the time is long overdue that politics, and economics should be part,of the secondary schools national curriculum.
How can an eighteen year old make an informed decision based only on the media?
Which version of politics do you want taught?
// How can an eighteen year old make an informed decision based only on the media? //

Every 18 year old voter for the last 50 years have managed to do so. A Government sponsored Politics curriculum would be a very dangerous prospect.

Unsure I can be bothered to watch it all, but the answer to your question came quite early on. Socialism isn't communism, socialism is this warm, fuzzy, and good policy which looks after the poor, makes society fairer, and stops the workers being abused. Some may see it as a stepping stone to a more extreme position but that would just be their aim, a long way off and unlikely to occur. It's not what they can push for at present nor implement in a single term, so why would they claim it is what they're presenting offering ?

The present situation is a simple case of a right winger gaining control and swinging the party way to it's right, then when let go it swings back way to the left for a while. It'll dampen down nearer the centre in it's own time.
How Parliament works, the relationship between the treasury, Bank Of England and the commercial banks.
How money is created, inflation, depression, interest rates, the roll of government in promoting economic activity.
Not any party political agenda though.
Didn’t watch the video from the New Culture Forum (TNCF).
TNCF is the brain child of Peter Whittle, a London Assembly member for UKIP and arch Brexiteer. He stood for London Mayor in 2016, but got less than 4% of the votes coming 5th and roundly beaten by the Green Party.
I doubt any TNCF propaganda would be insightful or worth 20 minutes of my time.
Theology; messiahs, prophets, sacred books indeed. He's built up a fantasy viewpoint of his own and is pushing it.
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People who haven't or wont watch the video - & there's no compulsion to do so - seem to have a lot to say about it.

The prize for ridiculousness must go to Gromit, who asserts that because a person is a Brexiteer & an ex-member of the Brexit Party, didn't beat Sadiq Khan for the position of Mayor, nothing any of his interviewees could say would be insightful.
Khandro - I think it is a natural human tendency to make rather large assumptions. Certainly in my experience on here it is.
No irony there^. ;o)
No, it's all true.

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