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lindapalmara | 20:26 Wed 11th Dec 2019 | News
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My granddaughter is at university and is voting there tomorrow in Bath. My son received a voting paper sent to her home address. She won't vote twice but lots of students will, for Corbyn because he has promised to scrap tuition fees. These youngsters don't realise that they will have to pay for it when they are older and the country is "the basket case of Europe with high interest rates, strikes every week with flying pickets.


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I wonder how many students will get up early to vote, make the coach journey home, bus or lift to the polling station and vote again?

I doubt enough will do it to make a real difference.
If what you say is true, then you should inform the police. Measures were meant to have been taken to stop the possibility of 'electoral fraud' back in 2017. Despite many students bragging on line that they had voted twice and thousands of complaints, just one person was convicted. Two cases resulted in no further action and one was deemed to be not in the public interest to prosecute.
For all this talk of students voting twice, where is the evidence?
My son has told me he can't vote twice, they closed that loophole. Not sure how true that is.
Whilst it is true that Students can register to vote from either home or Uni in Local Elections, they must choose which place to vote in in a General Election or other national poll. Unless they intend to break the law.
The hasn't been changed. Students can register at their home address and the address they stay at for university.

In local elections, students can vote twice as long as they are voting in different local elections.
Lots of students will vote for Corbyn. Bit of a sweeping statement ?
It amazes me how many women will vote for a philandering misogynist who views women with contempt and has outrageously expressed these views in The Spectator (before he was sacked).
Vote for your best local Mp. All you can do.
Canary - most women are strong enough of mind to not give too hoots about someones private life!
That needs sorting - and urgently.
How many prosecutions have there been for voting twice?
// If what you say is true, then you should inform the police.//
jesus that is a bit sanctimonious

they shouldnt vote twice because they shouldnt
and b) Big Momma may find out and be angry
and c) I am not sure I wd risk a criminal record for putting too many x's on a slip of paper
and yeah d) unlikely to make a difference
A single extra vote could give a party the majority in Parliament.
// Canary - most women are strong enough of mind to not give too hoots about someones private life!//
as currently shown by Epstein, Weinstein ( he has paid off his accusers apparently but many have insisted it is nothing to do with the very large cheque they are about to get) and our very own Prince Andrew

yup right ! I did kinda wonder - Jimmy Savile, own oyston, rolfie all free now as a result of girls' indifference

// A single extra vote could give a party the majority in Parliament.//
when did that last happen?

I know in the matter of the Kings divorce Bill ( sorree umm I know you favour comments no longer than "foo!" but bear with me a sec ) 1820, the govt majority on Cl 2 - went down to single figures. and the Prime minister advised that the bill might have to go ( it did ) or the ministry might FAAAAALLL! - it didnt ( the ministry didnt fall)

I think that was the time ( sorry sorry umm, as: you might comment, 'foo!') that someone was carried in to vote on a paliasse and died on his way back to his home
You said voting twice was "unlikely to make a difference" and I was pointing out it COULD, not that it had.
Whether or not it makes a difference is irrelevant. It shouldn't be happening. Full stop.
It has to be one person one vote. The system has to change so there are no exceptions,no matter what the election is, GE, local, euro (if we havent got rid) whatever

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