Do You Know Anyone Who Is Changing Their Vote From 2017 ?

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Gromit | 14:54 Sun 08th Dec 2019 | News
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I reckon most people will vote exactly how they did 2 years ago. Everyone I have asked has said they will vote the same way.

On another thread, some people are predicting that the Conservatives will gain 100+ seats. And will have a majority of 45, 60 or even 100.

Do you think that millions of people have switched from Labour to the Conservatives ? I don’t see it myself.


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//Do you think that millions of people have switched from Labour to the Conservatives ? / No, but I think there will be a lot of trad. Labour voters who will, rather than vote Tory or Liberal, will either abstain or spoil their ballot paper.
16:00 Sun 08th Dec 2019
Makes sense for a remainer, is your seat a marginal?
Boris Johnson from what he has said about checks in goods between GB and NI plainly does not understand his own Brexit deal: not does “security” minister Brandon Lewis, or even the man who, inexplicably, is still the Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay. Either that or they are being deliberately misleading.
Unfortunately we are likely to wake up on Friday 13th with the three of them still in government because I also don’t understand the point made by the OP that no one or next to no one is going to change who they vote for.
My vote won't change anything either, but the incumbent will get it anyway. Many chose to support May's agreement in the 3rd vote but I feel sure it was just to prove loyalty to the party and show her agreement hadn't a chance anyway. Boris' agreement isn't massively better, but one ain't getting more out of the EU after the antics of the dissenters who rallied against the people's vote, and the abominable behaviour of the antidemocratic MPs who refused to progress the decision. So it's either that or no-deal (which we should have triggered ages ago) and without a Brexit Party holding the balance of power, no-deal's unlikely to get passed by our gutless MPs, whoever gets in.
^^ Sad, isn't it O_G. Agree with you. :(
Unfortunately not, Tora. But let's see how the land lies next Friday.
It doesn’t take a huge number of people to change who they vote for to make a significant impact on the result. Depends on the constituency they are in often and whether they vote tactically or not. Undecided voters are crucial and they often don’t decide until vet late. It isn’t the dyed in the wool party supporters here or anywhere else who decide these things as a rule
I am changing this time, I have voted Labour since I've been allowed to vote, i'm 72, in the last two elections I voted UKIP, but this time its Conservative for me, the two main reasons are;
1) I don't like Corbyn and his allies, McDonnell, Abbott, Starmer, Thornbury and Cooper.
2) The Tories are the only party that have promised to get Brexit done!
Buenchico//Similarly many people who voted for the Brexit party last time will now find that there's no Brexit candidate for them to vote for because that party isn't fielding a candidate in order to avoid splitting the pro-Brexit vote.//
I agree with the 'general thrust' of your post, chris. But no-one voted for the BP in the 2017 GE.
(at least it shows that someone reads your posts) ;-)
I'm sticking with the Tories, as I have always done, through good or ill. I have a feeling of optimism about Boris, but we'll see.
I have to change my vote as there is no BP candidate in my area.

But I sure as hell am not voting Labour or Lib Dem’s. And the greens are a joke.
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Thank you all for your replies, it is clear that there is some party changing happening.

I am not sure there is a trend to the changing in any particular direction.

( Some confusing replies, a few of you think you voted for the Brexit Party in 2017, but they didn’t exist then, and the one who is changing from always being a Labour voter, but then tells us they didn’t vote Labour in 2017, they voted UKIP. )
i think many vote as their parents do so not to disappoint them as it were.
so are you going to take the bet gromit?
Gromit, I think there might be come confusion between the last general election and the European elections when so many people of all political persuasions voted Brexit.
// I reckon most people will vote exactly how they did 2 years ago //

Most people always vote exactly how they always have, but I reckon plenty of floating voters will be voting differently this time. I will be.
I know a few - switching from lab to con
but we're in a safe Lab seat so they 'can afford to' as it really makes no difference

I did shift myself in 1997 - completely taken in by Bliar lie
and as a result, now tell people to be sue before the change their minds
Gromit .... What is confusing about my reply, its quite simple!
Since i've been old enough to vote I have voted Labour, except the last two times when I decided to vote UKIP, this time I am voting Tory, for the reasons given.

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