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He got it from a fish shop, down the road..
Thanks for that hc, makes it somewhat clearer, yes - that's where the incident began.

name of one of those killed. Terrible waste
RIP Jack Merritt.
if one reads the link he was i think one of the organisers at the Fishmongers Hall, where the attacker was at the function. To do with prisoner rehabilitation.
RIP both Jack Merritt and the lady not named..
Whole can of worms opening here.

Perhaps now the liberal elite will be over ruled and some proper sentencing can commence.

I wont hold my breath though.
^Nor me.
nor me,
Completely bizarre - a murderer tackling and apprehending a murderer.
smow if one reads the link i provided it explains what happened to the young man who was killed, terrible terrible waste.
Yes I read it.
According to the Ministry of Justice, there are a few more of these Islamic darlings meandering around the streets:
there are indeed more of these terrorists wandering amongst us, chilling thought
I did read a comment from the murdered girl's parent when told who assisted with detaining the terrorist. She was not complimentary. I seem to recall scum being mentioned.
Emmie, the 74 mentioned in the story were let out of prison early just as was the one who killed two on London Bridge.
sanmac i know.. just wondering when the next attack will take in the capital, or elsewhere for that matter

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