Labour's Spending Plans

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dannyk13 | 16:04 Thu 07th Nov 2019 | News
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John McDonell says labour will borrow £600 billion for projects if they get elected.3 o'clock news.


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Jeremy Vine covered this between 12 and 2 pm. The Tories are also borrowing billions but haven't said just how many billions. I've just done a bit of Googling and cannot find a figure. Whoever is elected, the national debt will rise substantially.
Jam Tomorrow season is well and truly 'pon us.
They're all good at spending other people's money; it's just that some are better at it than others.
Since 2010 the Conservatives have borrowed £870 billion.

Since 1945 all Labour Governments combined borrowing is £490 billion.

The £600 billion figure is based on the assumption that the Labour Party introduces universal basic income for all adults. But the Labour Party has only said they will hold a trial into such a scheme. They have not promised to introduce it universally, or what amount the income figure will be per person (in other words, the assumption and costing is baloney).
I can see the workings of Diane Abbacus's workings-out here.
Why are people getting so hung up on all these stories? They are all geared to dissing the other parties so why get het up over them? All these scare mongering stories won't make me change my mind and just a couple of days in its going to get a lot dirtier than this.
looks like more magic money trees will be needed!

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Labour's Spending Plans

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