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emmie | 15:12 Thu 07th Nov 2019 | News
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Jeremy Corbyn , I was amazed at this guy's candid remarks, on the lunchtime
news today.


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He says we should back Johnson in the GE. Seeing how he has served the Labour party for years this is something else..
I think everyone knows the writing is on the wall here.

Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, he never was a leader, and he will be ditched when the election is over.

Thanks to his utter ineffectiveness and complete liability going into the polls, I think party members are ditching the usual courtesy extended to dead men walking leaders, which is to pretend that they are wonderful and going to win, and simply saying what everyone is thinking - a vote for Corbyn is wasted, let's vote Conservative, get Brexit sorted, and start living life again.
Thread on this @ 7.50 am
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it is quite an 'interesting' election 2019.
cabinet minister gone - ..
tories chucked out of party and then oops invited back.

opposition - 'trots' deselecting labour party stalwarts
more defections.
the far right saying the right wing have a long way to go - by far !.

The last time it was this good was 1964.
we were told at private school it was likely we wouldnt come back the next term ( private schools closed down see).
That was the week that was ! and Crazy Dick Crossman saying in public - "of course when we are in power, we wont allow anything like that !".

Gordon walker as foreigh secretary not in parliament and then being found a safe seat in Smethwick. If you want a knee-shair for a neighbour - vote labour ! was the unofficial slogan for the bye-election.

so that was bye-bye to the Labour majority, now down to two and the two trouble makers were Desmond Donnell (early death at 55) and Woodrow Wyatt ( later the Voice of Reason in the News of the World - no really). George Brown frequently drunk - as the new Foreign Secretary.

Oh those were the days !

and another election in 1966 (Labour win large majority).
[Cries and one liners of "who smethwick den?" - "Mr Brown foreign secretary - no prime minister surely, how old he den?" and lastly "Gordon Walker - did he den and where?" (walk I mean)]

oh did anyone catch Andrew Marr asking - "who he den?"
( about the shadow treasury secretary I think) - I am sure someone at the Beeb reads AB ( and understands it!)
Gordon Walker lost Smethwick at the GE and was found a safe Labour seat in Leyton which he also lost but won at the next GE.
Yes ! No !
always called the smethwick by election ( where I live anyway ) and not the Leyton by election

I thought they had done it more than once but no - the msjority was too small, I also wondered if he had found a cosy little berf in the Hars of Lords. Essex accent there

the constituency had a venerable history
christabel pankhurst - 1918 - not returned
and then Oswald Mosley - 1929 - as a labour candidate - elected

it was said of him at the time - he could have easily been elected as head of any of the three main parties ( lib lab con)

[more cries of "who pankhurst and did she? and what did Hurst fink when she did? " and "who on erf Oswald Mosley when he at home den?"- AB jokesters wet their panks wiv laughter]

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Ian Austin Has His Say On

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