Gentleman Nick Soames..

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Khandro | 16:09 Fri 01st Nov 2019 | News
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..thinks politics has become a little coarse.. hee hee!


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He's an oaf !
I can't remember who said it, but somebody once said that having sex with Soames was like having a wardrobe fall on you with the key in the lock.

Thought it was a brilliant quote.

A brilliant quote from Soames when referring to the dangerous McDonnell "...a third rate Poundland Lenin".
His grandad (or is it his great grandad?) Would be proud of him!
I think I prefer the old Nicholas :-)
This creature belongs in the dark.
like a hanger on at a party, only came for the free booze, what do you stand for, any fe**in thing you like..
TGM would spin in his grave at what a gutless pipsqueak his grandson is.
Churchill was always loyal to his party wasn't he...?

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Gentleman Nick Soames..

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