Australia Was Glad To See The Back Of Them

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bentaxle | 17:10 Thu 31st Oct 2019 | News
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But where do they go to from there ,why good old British Waters they put up with anything ,anyway our watchful Fisheries boats will be looking for the illegals on the way here to lend a hand

From a letter in the Daily Mail 29/10
In the past the EU reduced the numbers of fishing boats and extended the rights of the European's fishing fleets
Some Cod species have been declared unsustainable due to fishing stocks being depleted

While 60 % of the fish sold in Germany comes from British waters we have to buy Cod from
Norway and Iceland where the EU cant fish freely


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Hoisted by our own petard/stupidity.
20:06 Thu 31st Oct 2019
All the more reason to be out ASAP. Provided we don't use it as a bargaining chip and risk European overfishing in areas we should be managing.
ships like this should not be allowed in our wonder the oceans are becoming devoid of life
to many people, not enough's inevitable, why are these juggernaut boats allowed, are there catches inspected, to make sure there within there quota?
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Like Japan kill Whales and say its for science so the Dutch use pulse
trawling for science I believe the Dutch even get Eu money to convert there boats for this way of fishing and I believe the fishing industry will chase after the last fish, you see they are hunters at heart and that's what they do At one time a boat where owned by families going back years ,now they are fleets owned by large companies and they want profit and to top it off the people who make the rules seem not to be toothless , that massive trawler didn't ought to be allowed in our waters

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I seemed to put to many nots in that rope
Hoisted by our own petard/stupidity.
we should be policing our waters with the navy. I'd torpedo this one.
Perhaps we could accidentally ram it?
The real damage that is done:

Anyway, no sense complaining about the EU. It appears that the UK sold quotas to this fishing company.

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Australia Was Glad To See The Back Of Them

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