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Trouble with the Express is that it insists I personally deal with their partners if I don't want to spied upon :-(
How so, OG?
How not so ? Every time I go there it greys out and I get a manage or accept choice, choose manage and instead of being able to switch off everything superfluous I get a button to continue to partners; presumably as everyone else does. I'm not going through the hassle of getting the same run-around at another four sites ! Not been able to use Express for weeks, possibly months now.
I don't get anything like that, OG. I just click on the link and see the article.
I just click on 'accept' and everything is fine. I'm not going to respond to their ads. anyway.
As for M. Strauss-Khan...…. He's correct. The EU do not really want us trouble-making - but they want our money and business. Currently they are after the cash and hoping they can crush us in the decades to come. They are mistaken i.m.o..
OG it's not setting up a DD, accept just means you accept cookies.
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That's dated, '10 February 2015', nearly 5 years ago. Yes that's how he gained notoriety.
Then why put 'enters'?

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