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THELOONYCORBYN | 17:15 Mon 07th Oct 2019 | News
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the perps in a lot of these case have haircuts that make them look like complete and utter nob heads...whats going on here ?...been noticing this for years


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I suppose it's a fashion - like Teddy boys had long sideburns & quiffs back in the day.
Odd hair cuts were never a round years ago -oh hang on:
and skinheads
They act like one so I suppose they make themselves look the part:-(
those are fine, ff, they were around in my youth. It's what today's young people look like that's an outrage. Imagine having a haircut old men disapproved of - never happened in my day
Tee Hee Jno
Their haircuts look perfectly 'Normal' to me ! I have seen MUCH worse just out in the streets !
Anyone remember the craze for Mohicann's ?
I used to have hair down to below my shoulders ! Can't even imagine that now!
It is the fashion now to have your hair almost shaved at the sides. and much the same as when my Dad was young. Personally, I don't like it, but it don't think in any way it makes you into a nob head.
I always thought that it was normal to have a temporary 'Ink' tattoo , before getting a permanent one ! To see if you liked it !
Peaky Blinders, innit. All the rage now
BTW I think it may be copying the gang members in Peaky Blinders.
first series began in 2013 ( I thought it was more recent!)
" Complete and utter nob head" P.A.K.
I don't care what his barnet's like, dam savage should never see the light of day again.
I seem to recall the first episode was about brummie Ex Tommys immediately after the 1st World War who didn’t return to a land fit for heroes but selling matches and bootlaces on street corners.
I can’t imagine the specimens in your links doing any of the above. Those are 14-18 army type haircuts.
Psychiatric report in:

Boozed up little scrote with a limited lifespan. Recommend locking up with similar and putting last man standing in solitary confinement on bread and water for the duration.

Opinions may differ.
Question Author
Nope, like most days, i see a ton of people in central London with a load of different styles inc the Peaky blinders look..None of them stood out

These two Darwinian rejects like a lot of the others I see pictured stand out, cant put my finger on it, and its not just these two, saw three rejects from a case in Liverpool a few months ago and it was the same...even by the hair styles of the time/period something makes these filth stand out from the crowd(apart from their heinous crimes that is)...hmmmm

Bring back the mullet.
Lock up all the boys with dodgy hair cuts lol
From my perspective, modern haircuts are not flattering, but then, it's not people of my generation that such wearers are trying to appeal, so it doesn't really matter.

I guess you could argue that there is a common lack of self-awareness evident in each man's personality, and this does appear to have extended to what they view as tonsurially attractive.

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Whats Going On Here...ive Noticed That

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