Extinction Rebellion Are Marching Today............

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10ClarionSt | 08:02 Fri 30th Aug 2019 | News
96 Answers in Manchester. I've got my poster ready and I'm going to greet them. My poster reads:



That should raise a few heckles!


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You don't believe that really though do you?
Don’t forget the Trump face mask for full effect.
And turn up in a 4x4 and leave your engine running
Any word of them pulling a racing yacht about the place crewed by earnest but odd schoolchildren?
Question Author
I believe climate change is natural. There are only two things that influence the climate on this planet. One is extra terrestrial, the other is terrestrial, i.e. the sun and volcanoes. Those two things determine our climate. Nothing else. The Earth is still emerging from the previous ice-age and will continue to warm up for another 5,000 years before cooling back down and going into another ice-age. It has always happened and it always will.
//That should raise a few heckles!//
have you hired tommy robinson's minders for the day?
‘Those two things determine our climate. Nothing else’

Oh dear.
Question Author
Sad, I know Zacs. But there's nothing we can do about it is there? :o(
Apparently, according to Professor Dame Sally Davies,we do not need fear climate change. The growing resistance to anti-biotics will kill ourselves off long before. All down to eating meat injected by anti-biotics in far off lands. :-(
The problem with the "it's natural" theory is it doesn't accout for the accelerated increase coinciding right where humans started having an effect on the planet. It's all too much of an unexplained coincidence to believe that it's not connected.
If you are taking your 4x4, make sure you stop at the fence marked “End of world”. That’s a hell of a drop on the other side.

Such a shame Gretas sailing trip was ruined by all the pollutants caused by the crew flying in from all over the world and probably flying back afterwards.
Global Warming was such a scam they had to change it's name.
If that didn't wake some of the dopes up, there's no hope for them.
where are those water cannons when you need them?
Question Author
Taking my 4x4? Yer wot?!!! I couldn't afford a tyre for one of them. I'm going on the bus. The 17. Getting off at Shudehill then walking past Mcr Cathederal. The excitement is mounting!
OG, The Ice Age was a natural phenomenon so why the opposite i.e Global warming ?
10.03 Bonkers Boris Flogged em to Krauts .
they're not exactly marching though - they've parked a yellow boat on Deansgate......

//10.03 Bonkers Boris Flogged em to Krauts .//

As usual wrong information from gulliver.
Mayor Johnson purchased them FROM the Germans.

This is where he sold them to

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Extinction Rebellion Are Marching Today............

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