Ben Stokes The Ashes

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coldstream-1971 | 20:16 Sun 25th Aug 2019 | News
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⚑ After his minor scuffle earlier this year has Ben Stokes redeemed him self?
Me my self says absolutely YES


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Indeed he has
there is no "redemption" necessary: he was acquitted in law. He also served his "sentence" for bringing the game into disrepute with a fine and ban; it is therefore over
it wasn't a minor scuffle, but he went to court and was acquitted, so redemption isn't needed. A fantastic performance.
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Yeah man!!
Certainly been England' saviour in this match, terrific performance. Reckon he's in line fr Sportsview personality of the year
Incredible performance that was heart stopping and breathtaking in it's application. Stokes was brilliant and unless you are one of the "wokes" instead of one of the blokes you will have paid no mind to the set up he endured because the pc luvvies decided he was to be brought to heel. If you remember he found himself in the dock because he stood up to a couple of richard heads who were taunting a gay couple. He won't make that mistake again will he? For myself he never needed redemption. He just had to be himself.

What's he done now then?
TBH I don't see a lot of News content in the OP.
Don't forget the brilliant 1 from Jack Leach.
that's one not out, a landmark score.
It was the Leach he could do ;-)
//Don't forget the brilliant 1 from Jack Leach.//

Wonderful in it's own right........but don't forget the "not out" that lives in the records for ever.
I could run out of superlatives describing the last hour of this Test match! We sat around our old Long-Wave radio (don't have Sky) and we sweated with tension and barely-held hopes. T.b.h. I think it's better than TV - the agonising split second between 'It's caught!' and 'No he's dropped it!' was a life-time of tension.

Headingly has a reputation for oddities. A friend was lucky enough to be there today - can't wait to see him (dog-walking) tomorrow. Er, yes, 'redeemed'. He was acquitted and although a slight 'not quite the right sort to play for England' may have stuck in some quarters- he's certainly earned his place and more. (They said the same of Fred Truman.) Brilliant, just brilliant!
No redemption needed. He was a joy to watch even if he did send the heart rate crazy. A fantastic match..... bliss.......just bliss! xxx
To be pedantic, the altercation took place in 2017, and the court case was last year. No redemption needed. Phenomenal knock.
he went to and was acquitted
in fact he was sticking up ( hur hur hur ) for a gay lad who then refused to appear as a witness on his behalf
( fear of being outed in public I think)

no good deed etc - - the jury found the facts as he said all along they were

to his credit he said he wouuld do it again
as I recall, he was lucky in that he was charged with affray rather than assault, which might have been easier to prove.
The guy's a monster, in the cricketing sense. The knock was miraculous, and if England go on to retain the Ashes, Sports Personality of the Year is nailed on, it the World Cup win wasn't enough already. Legend.
You English and your cricket,yes stokes is a great player and most of you have put him on a par with some of the greats,a knighthood in the future?the mans a thug a drunken lout inflicting harm on others,but it doesn’t matter he saved England from defeat at cricket.
//the mans a thug a drunken lout inflicting harm on others,but it doesn’t matter he saved England from defeat at cricket.//

He was acquitted. That's not good enough in your book I assume?

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