Aspiring Caretaker, Jeremy, Going Fact-Finding In Ghana

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naomi24 | 12:10 Mon 19th Aug 2019 | News
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//Jeremy Corbyn will jet off on four-day fact-finding trip to Ghana while he is supposed to be getting MPs behind his mission to become Prime Minister….. He plans to win a confidence vote in the Commons and become the interim leader but this can only happen with cross-party support. But instead of consolidating this, Corbyn will spend most of the week in meetings with Ghana's socialist leaders and member of their National Democratic Congress //

What facts does he hope to find and will they be instrumental to his ambitions?


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Pinter's play, The Caretaker, is said to combine Realism with The Theatre of the Absurd. So, about right then ...
12:47 Mon 19th Aug 2019
If the clown wants to try a coup, where better to learn the skills than the Dark Comtinent?
And he may go on a course of slaughtering chickens and reading their entrails, far more reliable than public opinion polls.
"that's the way party politics works in this country, the party chooses its leader, not the electorate. same as it was in 2007, same as it was in 1976. "

ha ha yes I was waiting for someone to point that out.
The unsatisfactoriness in this instance comes from the plain change in direction and policy from one PM to the next, in marked contrast to, say, Blair to Brown and especially, Wilson to Callaghan.
The Tory party is effectively its own mini two-party system at the moment. A state of affairs merely enhanced by the uselessnees of the person who is supposed to the official opposition leader.
To be fair, the transition of
Wilson to Callaghan
Thatcher to Major
Blair to Brown
Cameron to May

Was a continuation of the same policies and direction.

The transition from May to Johnson is not that. It is a change of direction and the policies are from from vastly different sides of the Party. Johnson’s vision is not what got elected in 2017.
That is not to say, he is not a legitimate PM. Just that I don’t think comparisons to previous PM changes is comparing like for like situations. May and Johnson are vastly different, and the other changers were vastly the same.
Indeed Gromit.
Nothing “wrong” with it but it feels at least as unsatisfactory as any post VOC government

/// and the other changers were vastly the same. ///

Blair to Brown, really?????
// Blair to Brown, really? //

Yep, they both represented ToryLite.
// Was a continuation of the same policies and direction. //

moe of the same - o god

Mac - superMac to Douglas Home 1962
eden to Mac - but there was the Suez defeat intervening 1956
oh, Mac to mac 1959 - you've never had it so good
Churchill to Eden 1955 - by that time Churchill was completely ga-ga and was able to pick wise ministers to run his govt whilst he demented, [the story of duckies in the bath is true apparemtly)
Times cartoonist is clearly a AB reader
todays cartoon has six panes

Corbo with red star saying (1) I am going to work hard ....... (6) to stop Brexit and in between - - what he is going to do
pick flowers, cook, watch telelvision, go for a walk
As anyone got a code for breaking down PPs posts ?
Oh to balance it
do I detect bouncing Boris edging towards - we must recognise reality and accept May's deal is unchangeable ....

I did, sort of, inclined to - - - - - - - - - - - (Cool Boris tricolon there)
teacake //As anyone got a code for breaking down PPs posts ?//
Just best to ignore them.
// Just best to ignore them. //

I've only ever read about three of them in full. I have a quick glance every now and then to check I should still be ignoring them.
Gentlemen - I read your betises in full - they always make me laugh

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Aspiring Caretaker, Jeremy, Going Fact-Finding In Ghana

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