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THELOONYCORBYN | 11:23 Mon 19th Aug 2019 | News
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nothing to with living on his reputation, over priced, overrated, mismanaged business, badly run etc etc...
Thought youd promised to leave the UK old boy,...hows the multi million £ drum youve just moved into..settling in nicely I trust !?


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Hasn't he tried blaming Brexit before ?
It's not happened yet, and even if it was having an affect the issue would be with his mismanagement of coping with any changes.
SAme as a lot of people thse days. Far easier to point the finger at other people rather thna admit your own failings.
I don't think he's failed, when he is still worth millions, and he didn't get to where he his today, dishing out sour grapes on AB, he's a big success in life.
He is, and always was, a fat fraud.
I'm surprised to see you taken in so easily, teacake.
I wonder what his excuse is for giving his children embarrassing names?

Poppy Honey
River Rocket
Buddy Bear
Petal Blossom
Daisy Boo
I agree with Teacake. He's still a great success. Maybe he just took on too much.

No, he dishes out sour grapes via msn by the seem of things.
Brainiac - what has that got to do with anything?
Proves he's a ***, ummmm.
Mr Oliver's establishments were struggling long, long before Brexit and long before the referendum was even called, come to that. He rode high on his name when they first opened. Everybody had to go to Jamie's for what was essentially peasant fare - pasta with a dollop of tomato sauce on top. The prices for this workers' dinner were astronomical and people soon realised they were being taken for a ride. They could eat much better and cheaper elsewhere.

Oliver made a few bob whilst the going was good and the best of luck to him for that. If I could persuade people to eat overpriced basic food which they could easily prepare themselves I'd do the same. But he shouldn't moan when the King's New Clothes were exposed.
He has a net worth of £240 million, largely thanks to his cookbooks and restaurants.

He must have persuaded a lot of people to buy his wares .

Isn't that what business is all about ?
To be fair to him (if allowed) this has resurfaced due to a Radio Programme about his twenty year career.

In the article linked there are some wise words and many a business man or woman will appreciate the sentiments.


xit was certainly not at the forefront of his complaints and his 40th Birthday was over 4 years ago.

//Oliver, 44, said: “The world changed, the high street changed – it started to become Uber-fied. Our competitors changed, and we looked less different to them.

“There’s that chain reaction, throw in a bit of Brexit, confidence goes and people’s habits changed.”//

//The group lost £29million in a single year despite him having pumped in £13million of his owned money to try to reverse the slump.//

//He must have persuaded a lot of people to buy his wares .

Isn't that what business is all about ?//

Indeed it is, Baz, and good luck to him. The problem I find with Mr Oliver (and one or two others) is that he is blaming Brexit for his woes, claiming that diners stopped ­eating out due to uncertainty triggered by the 2016 EU referendum result. This is simply not true. Go to any decent eaterie (or even one or two indecent ones) and you will find that business is doing well. Nowhere that I know of has "collapsed because of Brexit." A few places have collapsed because they were rubbish, but that's not the same at all. Mr Oliver's eateries would have gone to the wall without Brexit because he was discovered, in respect of his restaurants at least, to be a charlatan. But as you suggest he'll carry on with other arms of his business and may devise another way to con people into parting with their hard-earned by fooling them into believing they are buying a proper "dining experience".
NJ - maybe re-read Mamy's post.
Sorry my C&P broke a little, think it's still clear.

//NJ - maybe re-read Mamy's post.//

I had read it and I have re-read it. My point stands. "Throw in a bit of Brexit" was seemingly the straw that broke the camel's back whereas in fact the camel's back was broken long before that. This current article is not concentrating on his comments four years ago; it's about what he's saying now following the collapse of his business. Now he has a scapegoat, but it's not the right goat to scape.
Jamie Oliver is not the first or the last business man to make a bad investment, or have to close down businesses. Over the last 5 years there's bigger ones gone down the pan, and yes he opened to many and it seems he was to expensive, he like many other top chefs over the years think their brand name will sell anything, at any price, ( I think twice about paying £4.50 for fish & chips) I wouldn't even think of entering any top chefs restaurant to be ripped off.
No one man can keep control over such a large business so we don't really know what so called financial advisers JO had or advised him to do from the start. If you take Noel Edmonds for an example, his financial adviser near on destroyed him. There's one or two from the dragons den that have lost a fortune, learnt from their mistakes, to go on and make millions more, and I'm pretty sure JO will as he says he's learnt a lot from this experience, and he must have something up top, due to the fact he's not gone bankrupt, or lost any other investments.

What really hacks me off is it seems a British pass time to take the first opportunity to drag a successful talented individual down. Is this just being jealous / envious, of someone who as done well in life. While I'm typing this, and ABers answering, you've got to ask ones self who's making all the money, me, you, or Jamie Oliver. :)
The ones have the gall to overcharge for products and/or services I'd guess.

It's not bringing folk down, it's protesting at the excuses.

Still, 4 years ago eh ? No wonder I recalled seeing this before.
Well I believe he is just embarrassed about the whole situation, and it may well be he is making excuses for other people within that company who have let him down, he would not have sunk 13 million of his own cash months before without taking financial advice, so I think there's little bit more to it than what he's letting on. Maybe he's been ripped off like Noel Edmonds. Who knows??

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