Can The Brexit Party Win The Brecon And Radnorshire By-Election ?

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Gromit | 11:07 Thu 01st Aug 2019 | News
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It is a Tory seat, but the electorate voted to dump the sitting MP and trigger a by-Election. Thenthe Tories kept the same candidate.

Pro-EU parties have decided not to stand, to help the LibDems win.

The area voted Leave in the Referendum.

The Conservatives majority will be cut to 1 if they lose.

Any predictions ?


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// The LibDems are undemocratic, therefore voting for them is, by extension, undemocratic. //

Interesting. Every word of that sentence is wrong :O
As a sentence it was fine for the first 3 or 4 words :-)
Sorry lol three words: I hadn’t noticed that the party was all one word ;-)
Besides which, it seems rather a self-defeating claim for a Brexit supporter to argue that the voting public can make the wrong choice, even if that choice is made in sufficiently large numbers to win the vote.
But I didn’t claim
that Jim.
However there's some irony in an antidemocatic party winning a vote by democratic means. No doubt they'll want to hold another vote to please the minority in the event that they are successful.
interesting that this got not one mention on the 6 o clock news......
Doubtless OG.
I wouldn’t expect he six o’clock news to be looking in on the latest AB threads :-)
// Interesting. Every word of that sentence is wrong :O//

predictable - this is AB for chrissakes.

and I regret to report - they had a viddie of someones shoes ( red levva I think) and a newspaper poster - "voting to day" ....
( few sheep and dogs.... etc, flaxen haired couples er coupling etc) no - goats I think
The Conservative will squeak home with a majority down between 1,000 to 1,500. If they had ditched Davies and put in a new candidate they would have held comfortably.
canoodles canoodling den
The sheeple are leaning towards the limpdumbs, as they have forgotten or forgiven their appalling failures, lies, deceit, illegal shenanigans, and general trough pushing behaviour.
Serves em right.
That's why they have different colours David, so you know which flavour of liar, cheat, robber you're voting for.

Keeps it simple.
So now we know the result. The stupid Tories put up a candidate who'd just been removed from office; the Brexit party also put up a candidate. Between them they got more votes than the Lbi Dems but "Remain" has got the seat. Stupid or incompetent? You decide.
There is the other option of a Machiavelian plot to undermine leaving the EU by whittling down their tiny majority to nowt so Johnson has to look again at leaving the EU, apologetically wringing his hands and not doing or dieing.

A 'sorry for Cameron', if you will.
What a wonderful result, I am so pleased . If it had been a tory win Boris would have appeared on Tv telling the Nation it was thanks to him
It was an expected result since remain parties agreed to cooperate and the leave ones, despite having more support, opted to push their individual interests. A sad result for the country since the undemocratic got their candidate in. But perhaps a lesson for the parties trying to reflect the people's mandate. (Still, may not matter much after parliament gets suspended.)
Johnson should have done a deal with the Brexit party - the Tories would have romped home...although why they allowed an expenses fiddler to stand defies belief.

Quite cleary the LibDems did a deal with the Greens and Plaid to secure the Remain vote.

Given how Labour performed up against an expenses fiddler, they should be concerned.
Possibly the most corcerning part of the whole shambles is that these are the people who think they're fit and proper leaders and guardians of our collective fate.

It's good that they're shown for what they are, narrow-minded, blinkered and delusional, not fit for purpose.

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