Do You Remember Vanessa George?

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Bigbad | 09:52 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | News
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Convicted in 2009 for abusing children in her care and swapping images online.

I know she has served more than the 7 year minimum, but do you agree with her release, or should she serve longer?


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How could you forget her?!

Of course she should have got longer.
This question mirrors the recent release of McGreavy and the workings of the Parole Board.

We don't have access to the reports and input relied on to justify their decision.

Does she still present a threat? Nobody can be 100% certain but the risk posed must have been considered so low that she can now be released.

The PB are not infallible but the decision will not have been made lightly.
How can anyone know that she is no longer a threat, only herself?
Never heard of her !
Question Author
Risk or not, has she served long enough?
Has she been suitably punished?
Her case is one of many which, having served the minimum sentence, has to be reviewed.

There may well be other conditions placed on her on release but as I mentioned, decisions have to be made based on available up to date information.

As was said in the McGreavy thread,let's hope the PB have got it right.
It was an awful crime, but we have to leave it to the experienced to judge whether she's a threat. Paying to keep her in when she isn't, makes little sense, if she's really understood how unacceptable her behaviour was. After 10 years it'd be simply desire for vengeance rather being rational otherwise; and I'd doubt the abused would be concerned, they may not even know.
I hope all the newspapers and the media pick this news up so everyone in the country will know who she is. She should never be allowed near children ever again.
OG, the abused children's parents and loved ones are also the victims, they certainly know about it.
Question Author
Old_Geezer, I think the one positive thing is that her victims were hopefully too young to have any memory of what she did to them.
Families will know but would they have valid reasons why the culprit should remain, apart from never wanting her to go ?
Who could forget her. Vile woman. I trust she will be heavily monitored as I wouldn't want her near any child of mine or anyone else's.
no paedo should ever be released, ever, the public need protection. Build a huge camp and bung them in there till they shuffle off.
It is easy to dwell on the original crime and rightly, the PB would seriously consider the nature of the offences.

However, in the passage of time, a lot of discussion would have taken place with the likely level of re-offending being a serious factor together with how she has responded to a lengthy jail sentence.

Many sentences, in the eyes of the public, are never long enough but the PB have to work with what they have got and make reasoned decisions.
Well I pray they are right because the consequences or them being wrong is just too horrendous to imagine.
//Well I pray they are right //

Every decision Ladybirder has an element of risk but those who succeed in their applications must be viewed by the PB as a very low risk.
Yes I know AG. I can't get my head around what made her do what she did in the first place. How any woman could do it beats me.
//How any woman could do it beats me.//

Sadly,LB, there will always be cases like this which crop up from time to time.

What makes people 'tick' is a science in itself....
Question Author
I remember seeing an interview with her husband and daughters, I believe they wanted nothing more to do with her.

So hopefully, she’s coming out of prison to a room in a hostel and nobody who gives a toss about her.
How could she ever be trusted again? I certainly wouldn't trust her.

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