Do You Remember Vanessa George?

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Bigbad | 09:52 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | News
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Convicted in 2009 for abusing children in her care and swapping images online.

I know she has served more than the 7 year minimum, but do you agree with her release, or should she serve longer?


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BB, I get where you are coming from but wouldn't that make her more likely to do the same again?
Question Author

Yep. Her husband divorced her and she went back to using her maiden name. Don’t know how the change from Vanessa to Sylvia came about.

The mother of two described herself to her internet lover Colin Blanchard as a “paedo *** mum”.

Still, if the powers-that-be consider she’s no longer a risk………
Question Author
^^ the starred out word rhymes with "core" and starts with a W.
The ex husband is fearful that she may have 'manipulated' and 'influenced' the PB.

In the first instance, I rather doubt that very much.
I question whether people like her should ever be released. Something fundamentally wrong in the head.
Question Author
I would also doubt manipulation and influence.
But I don’t doubt that prisoners attend the right courses and say the right things to the PB whether they have changed or not. I would assume that getting out of prison is No. 1 priority for most prisoners, and as dishonesty is a core factor in a criminals psych, I doubt they are adverse to a few lies to achieve their aim.
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//I doubt they are adverse to a few lies to achieve their aim//

Perhaps Bigbad, but trying to pull the wool over the PB's eyes would be no mean feat.
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Thanks for the link agchristie.

Whilst I think it’s possible that a former alcohol or drug abuser could shake off their addiction (but it shouldn’t be used as “an excuse” as to why they committed their crime), a person that has a sexual attraction to children knows it’s wrong, so are highly unlikely to admit they still have the same urges. How would a PB know if a paedo is still a paedo when all the paedo has do to is play the remorseful card, and claim that the course they attended made them realise what a bad thing they did?
Ughhh looking at her picture makes me want to vomit. Ugly inside and out. Imagine how the parents of the abused children must feel and probably feel for the rest of their lives. I bet she will be given a secret identity and place to live at the taxpayers expense as well. Makes me sick !!
Oh yes I remember this one.

I too am in the camp of highly unlikely to have changed much, definitely not right in the head so I cannot see how that will change.

Lets just hope I am wrong, for other children's sake.
Don’t remember her. Ugly thing though in and out. There are some sick puppies around.
Until she has the decency to name those she abused this piece of human excrement should never see the light of day.

There are poor parents out there who to this day dont know whether their kids were a victim.

She is evil personified.

I'm not a pitchfork wielder, but I geneuinly hope she receives some retribution, although given she'll probably be protected for the rest of her natural, this is unlikely.

She is sick in the head. Disgusting evil ***.
Since when a female dog a swear word worthy of ABs absurd profanity filter?
Her sentence was too light to start with so now we have this situation.

I pray she hasn't fooled the board and hope she is monitored.

Would be much easier to monitor her if she was still locked up, I really do not think release is a good idea.
Where's Charles Bronson when you need him? Died too early !!!
^^^and yet reading between the lines somebody on this thread sèms to think we should trust the parole board. I'm just thankful that same person hasn't come out with one of their truly awful puns they have a habit of posting.
I firmly believe the PB is made up of Lord Longford clones (clowns) and one member of Answerbank.

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