I Can’T Believe This Sort Of Thing Goes On In 2019

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cassa333 | 08:23 Fri 12th Jul 2019 | News
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But then again humanity can and is just *** in a bucket sometimes.

What are we doing to stop this? Angry titter rants won’t help these people.


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It depends who you mean by 'we'?

Realistically, as individuals, there is very little we can do.
This and very much besides is quite appalling and some of us will feel outraged at the lack of accountability and any effective response. Realistically, in the Western World people will see the whole incident as a reality version of a film and the vast majority will not even come across a mention of these things (if they do they will react "Oh, really, that's not good", and go back to looking at Facebook). Those who do notice it and are in a position of responsibility will attach a priority way below the more important matter of keeping an eye on the votes. For years this and worse has been going on in Congo, Syria and elsewhere where vested interests merely decide which side the mighty are on. Also for years, the Philippines have experienced thousands of government approved/instructed random extra-judicial killings which have elicited nothing more than hand-wringing and tut-tuts but at last there is a UN demand for an international investigation. The call was spearheaded in the Human Rights Council by new kid on the block Iceland - up to now nobody has tried effectively to budge, certainly not by any serious players (the USA withdrew from the UNHRC, shows how keen they are for international order/accountability in these things).
Nasty. But mobile phones seem a boon when such things occur.
Individuals can do little, but this sort of evidence needs to be examined by global institutions able to apply pressure and bring folk to boot.
not to mention the saudis starving millions in yemen
Oh, and the 2019 thing. Not all countries have advanced at the same rate. Some are still in their "Dark Ages". Until the whole world has sorted itself out: this will go on for ages yet. Assuming no downturn in the world's prosperity, probably still centuries to go.
Sudan is over 3,000 miles from the as far as "problems" are concerned, they don't exist and even if they did, then what could "we" do about it it?

As one gets older, one has seen all this sort of thing before, massacres, famine, institutionalised rape, injustices and torture, eventually becoming accustomed and desensitised to these stories.....horrific as they seem.......and soon forgotten.
It would seem that 'WE' are doing quite enough in the Sudan.

/// By pumping in £40.8million last year, the UK has become the third-largest humanitarian donor to crisis country South Sudan, with over 300 British soldiers currently deployed across the fledgling nation. ///

I don't know why we bother, Africa and it's peoples will never change, no matter what resources we keep pumping into this problematic continent.
The British aid and our army assistance are for a different country, South Sudan. The article is about Sudan
"Let's build a wall and we'll have done enough - out of sight out of......"
Cassa, what would you suggest we do then?
Sterilise seven billion people. We are a failed species.

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I Can’T Believe This Sort Of Thing Goes On In 2019

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