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Should that be Stormzy?
Mocking the opposition?

Who does she think she is? - a 'rapper'?

You're getting way too big for your boots, TTT. Shut up.
Stormzy is a racist homophobe. Why would someone in the Labour Par.....oh yeah.
Maybe someone on the Tory side could sing some of Stormzy's The Crown about Corbyn or Abbot
"Searchin' every corner of my mind
Lookin' for the answers I can't find"
Question Author
what are you on about FF?
If you wanna link up at the coffee shop I'll explain to you, TTT.
Question Author
FF: why are you being rude to me at 19:10? I don't know what I have done that is so bad. if I'd said that my post would be removed.
♪ Like, where do I start?
Most of these man weren't here from the start
Stay for the sun, disappear in the dark
Stay clued up and stay clear of the sharks ♪
I was mimicking the Shadow Minister. I thought you might have recognised my use of Stormzy lyrics but perhaps Grime isn't your scene
Question Author
I have never heard any of his lyrics, I only know who he is because he said something stupid at glasto.
thought this was going to be a thread about potus ...

And for you again TTT. Enjoy.

I won't inflict Vossi Bop on you
Question Author
I see, I thought he was a musician.

It's difficult to take the OP seriously when the OPer can't get the title correct imo.
Apologies then TTT. This probably just indicates that the shadow minister's Stormzy reference probably went over the heads of 95% of MPs who wouldn't know the difference between a dab and a vossi bop .
Question Author
NP, accepted.

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Looks Like Stormy Has Competition!

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