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Ambassador Kim was Not diplomatic & deserves sacking.

Only dorks & keyboard cowards insult in print.
It wasn’t an insult as pointed out earlier.
You are right about Trump tho :-)
Oh, the irony.
That^^^ was to Tambo.
Also as pointed out by many here, being “diplomatic” is only one part of an ambassador’s job
Ich & zacs bit. Hahaha

Tho bait was for sharks not shrimps :)
Nice to see May and Corbyn agreeing on something in the House earlier.
I loved the PM’s “the whole cabinet has seen fit to support” :-)
I used to have a dog named Kim. He was always running away. Shurley some coincidence?
// I used to have a dog named Kim. He was always running away. Shurley some coincidence?//

not the dog that jumped ship and tried to hitch to Russia?
that one ? - the fifth dog or something

as for being diplomatic - that is only to your hosts - shirley?
to your own side, it is more 'Jesus we have a right dork here, we dont think he can read and write'
// Ich & zacs bit. Hahaha// Tambo

oh rambo tambo - you dont really want to join the lucky clan who are looked on as arch B-S and get mercilessly ridiculed even when they are trying to be serious ?......

foo ! I know Tam - say yes when you mean ..... no
AOG - You complain about people being rude to you - yet you write this ?

//If you say so, but I have been brought up not dragged up as you appear to have been. //

AOG is right about PP. The moderation on this site is disgraceful. It doesn't so much matter what's said, more a question of who says it.
Does TDS make people thick and boring.
Or do you have to start off thick and boring to catch it?
SR, thr next time you see PP break Site Rules report him.Simples.
Indeed , as the Ed requested earlier today , about anyone breaking Site Rules
and so say I
report me ! - go on ! do it ! I will assist.....
PP has broken the rules.. because .....

I make sure my post is on thread,
says something new - I quite enjoyed telling you about the memorandum - which clearly none of you remember or suspected

and well you know, are suitably off the wall. [I mean have you seen normality on AB - o lordie lordie!]

oh by the way - dead cat theory - Trump doing in Sir Kim to take attention away from Jeffrey Epstein and his possible involvement if any
non starter - no one is running with the Kim D story stateside
they are all convulsed with ..... Jeffrey Epstein and his girlies
// but your almost non understandable twaddle, [but] what I can't understand is that you continue to get away with it.//writes dear sweet AOG

not to PP ( his usual whipping boy) but blameless funny and piquant ZM. I hope you are chastened ZM ! you naughty boy

hahaha I love the posts that say - "I cant understand a word, AND in line 2 I particularly object to ....."
showing they do understand it after all but just dont like it....

direct parallel with the Turing Machine Acceptance problem but I think that is a bit technical

Poor sir Kim - but look on the bright side - pensions of diplomats are by no means weeny
calm down - calm down - I checked - I wrote their pensions werent weeny. He can mourn his career in luxury
'blameless funny and piquant '

Like it. If ever I'm asked to describe myself in 3 words..............
Good man. Saves his country embarrassment by going a little early. Sounds a fine diplomat.
PP shurley was intended, remember private eye? Surely you do, a man of your deep and intestinal wisdom.....:)

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Breaking News Sir Kim Darroch Has Quit As The Uk's Ambassador To The Us.

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