Was Itv's Pm Debate Bias Against Boris Johnson?

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anotheoldgit | 09:23 Wed 10th Jul 2019 | News
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The audience wasn't but that useless presenter Julie Etchingham and the later ITV News certainly were.


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Sorry AOG, I watched it and didn't see any bias.
not from what I saw on the news but I didn't watch the whole thing, totally pointless US emulating cobras if you ask me. Most of the viewers can't vote anyway, what's the point of that exercise?
Precisely, TTT.
I didn't see either programme, how were they biased?
I can't see any point in being biased. I cannot see the debate influencing many of the members who have a vote, and if teh bias was as obvious as you say then voters would have noticed and this would have hardened the views of Boris supporters
No the debate and reporting of it was not biased.
Your source of information is biased, always has been. It exists not to tell the truth, but to confirm the prejudices of its readers. In has a lengthy record of misinforming. The Daily Mail is openly supporting Boris Johnson, and ITV, by law, has to be neutral. So the reporting by ITV is vastly different because they are regulated differently.
Like beauty, bias is in the eye of the beholders....
Question Author
Seems it is not only ITV who is showing bias.

Or is it me who has got it wrong because I am also, predominantly rightwing, old, white and male?

Surely such accusations are ageist, racist and sexist, Mr Kettle?

How was there bias?
Question Author
Who won the debate?

According to Express readers:

The results in full are as follows:

Boris Johnson: 13,410 or 63 percent
Jeremy Hunt: 4,952 or 24 percent
Don’t know: 2,979 or 13 percent

Boris, Boris, Boris, for PM.
Why are you not answering my question?
I thought you didn't believe in option polls?
"Opinion polls"
Newpapers see TV News as their competition. The Mail will constantly snipe at ITV News and BBC News, because they see them as their rival. Both the Guardian and Mail reports are Opinion Pieces, and is just their take on what everyone saw. The consensus seems to be that it wasn’t Biased against Boris.
AOG posts a question regarding bias agains Boris but then posts figures which prove that, if this were the case (which i can see no evidence of), it had the opposite effect. LOL.
I don't think there was bias either and I thought Julie Etchingham did a decent job under the circumstances.

Funny how quite a few eligible voters went on camera stating that they still hadn't made their minds up and were waiting on the debate to be aired!

Surely, the two's respective positions are as clear as they are going to ever be!

As to the question of 'who won the debate', I really don't know how you could decide and the Express poll isn't an accurate reflection on the performances as it was much tighter than that in my opjnion.

There was very little between them for me and although Boris stimulated the most audience approval, he was more evasive than Hunt.

The debate didn't provide any real insight and was a more an exercise in going through the motions.
I thought they reasonably did for themselves

Boris - fwubbled his lovely tow hair and looked wacky
went in for the rule of threes ( tri-colons) - I feel, really I think, and when one considers.....
and didnt say an awful lot

and people may have thougth - Jesus we really are going to get an empty vessel

I think Bo Jo had done himself over Sir Kim D - he was his boss at one point ( 4 y ) for chrissakes
Even the end was no great shakes...
// Boris, Boris, Boris, for PM.//

you are ringing your bells
soon you will be wringing your hands .....
No evidence of bias then?

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Was Itv's Pm Debate Bias Against Boris Johnson?

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