Why Is Trump Being Criticised, When It Was Our Us Ambassador Who Should Be Criticised For The Insulting Remarks He Levelled At Trump?

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anotheoldgit | 11:32 Tue 09th Jul 2019 | News
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because an idiot cannot see outside the box they have been schooled to hate trump by the media and the left nothing will ever change that no matter what evidence hits them up their stupid retarded faces snowflakes will allways deny the truth and hate trump no matter what
09:56 Wed 10th Jul 2019
surprised Trump hasn't booted his April out. Seems like a right rissole to me. We should be recalling him ourselves.
//We should be recalling him ourselves.//

He is serving his purpose for the remainers!! imo
The ambassador didn't direct the remarks to Trump. Whereas Trump is using the situation to try to control the US/Uk relationship. Not good.
I thought all the support for Mr. Darroch yesterday seemed somewhat misplaced.
Isn’t it better to be seen as supporting a president that we have a good relationship with, rather than an ambassador who wasn’t being very diplomatic?
ah - spend thruppence on a Times
they have in the letters section a quote from Johnson
an ambassady is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country. COuntry - he owes no duty to the host country

and the editorial says ( completely unsurprisingly ) that an amabassady is paid to give forthright PRIVATE opinions to his masters - FO and the Queen
and NOT Mr Trump

The only reason why we knew is apparently a Farage supporter in the foreign office decided to stick his political oar in. Trump wants Farage apparently
oh and Mr Farage has said that he will step in if needed

oh and whilst we are here you old oaf, oag I mean !
how do you get to be US ambassady to London Paree and Berlin ( not all three ) ? - contribute more than a million dollars to the election purse. yup true
Walter Annenberg also redecorated the ambassady's residence completely from his own purse -helped by his wife

Quentin Letts - also the times felt the questions in the House of Commons were affected and put on

[if you kiss and tell a politicians smelly whatsit as a doctor, (breach of confidentiality) you get struck off]

FDR did not recall Joe Kennedy ( father of Jack K - you know - - - the president 1960 bang bang him) 1940 when he predicted continually that England would lose the war - Whilst England Slept - he sent Col Bogey instead to find out if what was being said was true
Not if one values being seen as strong rather than weak and in America's pocket. It's a difficult situation, requires balance. Luckily May is standing down soon, and Darroch retiring anyway. Drag it out until then, and Westminster has proven good at dragging things out, and the change will help put the incident into the past and embarrassment minimised.
o come on - hold on
an ambassady is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country

not someone sent abroad to be approved by the US president and then to crawl up his arriss and say only nice things about him.....
Question Author
The senior diplomat also dubbed Trump’s White House "uniquely dysfunctional" and "divided" and claimed the US leader "radiates insecurity"

Also described the president as “inept” and “dysfunctional”

I think that Trump has every right to hit back.
Question Author
/// oh and whilst we are here you old oaf, oag I mean ///

"OLD OAF" ??????????????

Yet another post by AB's resident 'free to post' what he likes without any action being taken against him.

For those who are not familiar with the rules, here is a copy:

/// We understand that debates get heated, but personal attacks and abusive language will not be tolerated. ///
The closer criticism is to the mark the worse it stings, and thus the more bitter and prolonged the response. Let's watch this and see.
He didn't even get your name right when he pretended to correct it. There are way more things to be offended about!
-- answer removed --
What do you imagine the job of an ambassador to be?
Part of it is to foster and maintain relations with the country of posting but at least half of it is to feed back information and indeed opinion based on the fact of being there on the ground, offering insights otherwise unavailable to your government.
The ambassador was therefore doing his job; these were not observations intended for the eyes and ears of the public, for obvious reasons. This sort of stuff passes back and forth all the time via secret diplomatic channels, as we saw when Assange leaked US diplomatic cables some years ago.
Of course it’s hugely embarrassing now, especially to the British government: poor old Jeremy Hunt has to pretend he doesn’t agree. What else can he do?
Trump being Trump has gone off the deep ends and thrown a strop of proportions monumental even by his standards.
It’s important that these frank observations are allowed to pass without fear of compromise, which is why I agree with whoever said the person responsible for the leak should be severely punished.
TheAmbassadors remarks were supposed to be secret, and were an honest assessment of the Trump Administration.
The Ambassador should not be criticised, the fool who leaked it has done our country great harm, and a prison sentence should be applied (but won’t be).
a TOVI writes

let us not name call but get back on thread ( = "use your loaf u auld .... " as free tee may write)
is it time to mention le secret du Roi ?

[ secret of the roy - what dat den I hear someone whisper. Dey havent had a roi for years and years another whispers. Datta long time ago a third adds]

When France had a roy, just as England has now ("foo a long time ago den really long" someone comments after a lag of deep thought), the King of France had a right to appoint ambassadies altho they reported to the french govt

and so - when they were appointed ( by the King that is, and his choice I think...) the king would get them to agree to.....
send their govt instructions ( 3 m by sail ) back to the king,
( 3 m ) and the king would have a think about them and then issue further instructions ( 3 m ) that the ambassady should follow

an zad eez how the King of France conducted foreign policy of his own during the American War 1776-83

well I saw TOVI and I saw the screaming over oaf
and I thought time for - - - the secret of the roy.....
I bet no reader knew of it
they were about Trump, not to him. Telling your own government what's going on is an ambassador's job, which he was doing. Some civil servant however was trying to get him fired (and quite likely to get Farage appointed in his place). That is not a civil servant's job. Whoever leaked them has damaged British interests.
yeah I am saying that French foreign policy was conducted with a 9 month built in lag, in the late 18th century
agreed jno ( as a lone voice)

find him, pull his finger nails out, so that the next time there is tell tale blood all over the key board
fire him and shut him away for life ......
I think you are right, Gromit. And it was bound to send Mr. Trump into tweety overdrive.
But because of the insulting nature of the remarks, I don’t think Mr. Darroch should have received so much support.
Leaked emails are becoming the norm. Perhaps people should be more careful what they write, and save the honesty for face to face talks.

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Why Is Trump Being Criticised, When It Was Our Us Ambassador Who Should Be Criticised For The Insulting Remarks He Levelled At Trump?

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