Drink Driver Who Smashed Into Three Cars Has Been Spared Jail - Because She's A Woman

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anotheoldgit | 09:42 Tue 09th Jul 2019 | News
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/// Victoria Parry was told by a female judge if she was a man "it would be straight down the stairs" to prison but was instead handed a suspended sentence and a driving ban. ///


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You are old enough not to be surprised at that type of sexism. Must've seen it all your life.
I think that says more about the issue with the justice system, and global gender equality issues than it does anything else.
You'd hear the squeals on the Moon if it was tother way round!
And then they wonder why crime is on the increase. I know its been said on here many times, but every day I see some one still using they phones when driving, or texting at traffic lights, what does it take to get the message to these idiots, it seems £200, and six points is still not going to do it.
Not only omen. This MAN who knocked down and killed two people didn't go to prison either because he's a prison officer's son? Spoilt nasty brat.
My friend wasn't sent to prison until his 3rd conviction so it does happen to men as well.
Bluming heck Ladybirder that is mental! Deserves a thread of it's own :O "It was Coopey's sixth criminal conviction since the age of 12, mainly for drugs "
And did your friend kill two people as well ummmm?
teacake, all the plods are too busy monitoring twitface in case someone types something that could be remotely described as "hate crime".
Was this not discussed a few month ago?
Yes it is mental Spath, 6 criminal convictions then on the 7th you kill two people and still don't get sent to prison. And you parents pay your fine for you. As I said spoilt nasty brat (and spat at somebody outside the court) and shame on his parents for indulging him.
LB - No, Did Victoria Parry as I can't find a mention of it.
Ummmm you were probably talking about the OP and I was talking about my link, hence we have our wires crossed.
Sorry AOG. It's just that my example upsets me more than yours does:-(
I was talking about the OP.
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That is rather strange, this judge only made her judgement yesterday:
/// Judge Sarah Buckingham, who had been waiting on pre-sentence reports before delivering her punishment today, ///
And yet in your link dated early April, this same Judge was being investigated by judicial authorities.

In April, the Judge deferred sentencing for three months.

"Deferring sentencing for three months, judge Buckingham told Parry she "richly deserved" an immediate custodial term of 18 months.

"I want to see whether you can really address the issues rather than paying lip service," she said.

She ordered Parry to abstain from alcohol, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and pay for private counselling.

If Parry complied, she said, the custody would not be made immediate.

"If you don't comply, I will conclude that you are not worthy of the chance," the judge added.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office confirmed it received a complaint about the remarks attributed to the judge."

Regarding that investigation, 'a JCIO spokeswoman said: "There is no outstanding complaint against Judge Buckingham in relation to the remarks made in Warwick Crown Court in April."'

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Drink Driver Who Smashed Into Three Cars Has Been Spared Jail - Because She's A Woman

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