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The double standard (fed largely by malice and ignorance, I suggest) which applauds this prosecution is extraordinary. Of course, Robinson as a marked man under a provisional sentence for contempt of court was quite needlessly and, you might think, provocatively standing outside a court a year later live-streaming stuff. Despite that you might ask why...
00:53 Sun 07th Jul 2019
And you think they are the general public?
I think the general public couldn't care less about him to be honest.
You are mistaken, it's you who couldn't care less - I do care.
One aspect of this, mentioned earlier, is knowledge of what was happeneing. In one area where there was similar abuse and grooming, the council, police and social services knew for years that it was going on. In fairness to the social services, they were demanding action for a long time before anything was done about it. The authorities were frightened of the perpetrators playing the "racist" card. All of that outwith TR, who has a strange way of airing his grievances. Maybe he thinks situations like the above are more prevalent than anyone is admitting.
With respect PM, you are not the general public either!

You care more about him than I do, that's fine, but that's not important.

What is important is that people like TR do not think they are continually above the law.
If you care about the issues Tommy Robinson addresses, you care about Tommy Robinson - so you're mistaken if you think the general public doesn't care (and I share their concern).
10ClarionSt - the 'situations' are as prevalent as they ever were - and perpetrators are now being released back into those same communites and their victims are living in fear again.
...and they were supposed to be deported upon finishing their sentences!
That's not strictly true.

I can care about the issue raised per se but if it is raised by a figure who is prepared to take matters firmly in his own hands and in an unlawful way then, in fact, I would take a very dim view of him.

I've encountered many a person who I have shared the same opinion on a given issue but have disliked their character for a variety of reasons.
I notice you say you 'can care'. You haven't said you do care.
PM, I do care about what happened to those girls and I care that the perpetrators were brought to justice and that others who may be guilty are punished.

I also care that many agencies were aware of what was going on and turned a blind eye.

To return to earlier points, (not made by yourself), the idea that being critical of TR's actions is tantamount to stating that gang rape is less important is completely ludicrous.

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