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He has the gift of the gab. I think he will be fine.
I wish him luck in the hands of these legal ***.
-- answer removed --
I do not wish him luck. I wish him to be judged and trailed on his exact actions fairly.
Tommy Robinson does himself no favours but I hope he get's a fair trial. I have my doubts.
Same here Naomi.
//Tommy Robinson does himself no favours//

Being late for his hearing and forced inside is such an example...

Naomi, why do you have doubts? From what has been reported the case seems pretty solid.
Allow me to post a pre-emptive "Tommy Robinson".
yes !
and just think ! (yeah yeah I know this is AB!)
if he were a black social worker ( see another thread ) then he could say absolutely whatever he liked !

( oh, I love illogic in full flow!)
danny, because I don't believe the law is always even handed, especially towards people who are regularly vilified by the media. Milkshake thrown at Nigel Farage - perpetrator hauled before the courts. Milkshake thrown at Tommy Robinson - perpetrator not hauled before the courts.
Naomi, not knowing the circumstances of the milk attack on Tommy Robinson I am not in a position to comment.
those were milkshakes not murders for chrissakes

and as eveyoone well knows, not every incident results in a criminal prosecution...and anyway that is nothing to do with the courts is it?
I think in one there was a complaint and in the other there wasnt ...

I have to say I was surprised that the Nige, £10 000 every month besides his MEP whack wanted someone to pay for cleaning his woolen suit ....
" From what has been reported the case seems pretty solid."

And therein lies the problem. It is what is in Court that matters not the media. How can a jury be impartial otherwise?
ymb, the facts of most criminal trials appear in the press once a person is charged.Are you saying that in all cases it is not possible for a jury to be impartial?
I dont think most peoples charge details appear on the front page of the Guardian and the BBC. Maybe I am wrong?
ymb, maybe not on the front page, but certainly many are reported within a newspaper.
Come on Danny, there is a world of difference between someones details being printed in an obscure local paper (that few read these days anyway) compared to someone like TR who is pretty much tried by the media. It's not just TR, anyone the Media take a dislaike to they have the power to make up peoples mind prior to the Court. Just like you did above.
ymb, I said that the facts given indicated a strong case.I did not pass any opinion to guilt or otherwise.In any case the Judge will warn the jury to ignore anything that they may have read or heard about the case.According to your thinking nobody would ever get a fair trial.
If I was on the jury I would judge on the facts presented on the case and not someone's reputation.

In a previous job I represented the company I worked for to seek a possession order. The risk of the guy losing his home was based on a few other employees' evidence. They wouldn't give evidence so I produced a hearsay statement. The problem was that the evidence was unreliable.

Now, I detested the Defendant and had many clashes with him but I told the barrister I could not justify taking the stand.

He said I had done the right thing entirely and phoned my boss and the case was pulled.

He had a right reputation but based on the evidence, I could not see him evicted.

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