Liberal Democrat's Meps Arrive At The European Parliament, Wearing Bright Yellow T-Shirts With '*** To Brexit' On The Back.

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anotheoldgit | 11:43 Tue 02nd Jul 2019 | News
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//Same as I'm not sure that Brexit Party supporters would be too upset to see their MEPs show such scorn for the EU Parliament. //

I would be very upset if the Brexit party behaved as the LibDems are behaving. With that disgracefully tasteless slogan pasted on their T-shirts and their determination to deny democracy, they’re an embarrassment to this country.

Incidentally, the EU anthem - Ode to Joy. That's surely a joke.
Those T-shirts - totally disgraceful and indicative of the mentality. I 'tick off' my grandson if he utters the word 'damn' ……. what a shocking display of acceptance of bad language. Not a good image or role model. I thought back-turning was, at least, dignified.

Nevertheless, turning your backs on the proceedings is also disrespectful. Better that they had stayed sat down, which would have more or less made the same point without being nearly so childish.

Agreed on the T-shirt, but it's a nonsense that the Lib Dems are "[determined] to deny democracy".
^^^ Er, Jim, where did I say that the Lib.Dems. are "determined to deny Democracy" - think you've mixed up your posts.
Fair point. First paragraph addressed to you, second to Naomi.
Jim, an easy question for you. How can the slogan 'B........ to Brexit' and the intention to remain in the EU not be denying democracy? The Leave vote won. Remember? You acknowledged that the day after the referendum.
I've already explained why. It's three years later already. There's no reason that this decision, or indeed any other decision, can't be revisited in light of what has happened since.

I mean fundamentally it's because we disagree on whether or not Brexit would be a bad thing. I should assume that if it was absolutely unambiguous that the country would be materially and permanently ruined if it were to carry out decision, then I don't think the determination to hold on to "democracy" would be quite so strong. It's a variation of that age-old question: "if 17,410,742 people asked you to jump off a cliff, would you still do it?" But if we can't agree on whether there's a cliff or not then no wonder we keep going round in circles.
/// Leave vote won. Remember? ///

Illegally - that's not democracy.
Jim, //There's no reason that this decision, or indeed any other decision, can't be revisited in light of what has happened since.//

But the LibDems aren’t ‘revisiting’ the question. They’re quite openly trampling on the result. Still, one thing can be said for them I suppose. They’re not disguising their betrayal under a plethora of disingenuous excuses.

Here’s a thought. You said elsewhere //If the Lib Dems win an election standing on a platform to reverse or Stop Brexit, then by definition that will have been arrived at by a democratic decision. So much, then, for "trampling on democracy".//

Take a look at the EU parliament where you’ll find that the largest elected group represents the Brexit party. That, by your definition, means that their presence is, as a result of a democratic decision, justified – hence you might say the question has been revisited. ‘Remain’ still lost.
Question Author
Those questioning the Brexit Party's disrespect for turning their backs, perhaps England's football team at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, should have done the same, instead of giving the Nazi salute?
Entirely different scenario though AOG
^ God Almighty. I've never heard such bilge in my life. I mean, I know it was created (by the EU) to brainwash infant school children but the average 6yr old would balk at being talked down to in such a manner.
The endless lies must have taken Stephen back to his public school days.
People who voted for the Liberals in the most recent elections are hardly pro-Brexit, but by doing so, knowing the Liberals are actively anti-democracy speaking out and trying to thwart the referendum result, they are hardly democratically minded either.

It's three years of deliberate delay later. Every reason not to allow that anti-democratic tactic to change the result demanded by the people. To allow it would confirm in the strongest terms that our system is unfit for use. There'll be reason enough to revisit our situation when a) genuine Brexit has actually occurred and b) we've been outside the EU as long as we endured being part of it, in order to make a fair assessment.
Spot on O.G..

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Liberal Democrat's Meps Arrive At The European Parliament, Wearing Bright Yellow T-Shirts With '*** To Brexit' On The Back.

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