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Either his coat was on a shoogly peg already or ASDA are up their own ***. If pushed I'd opt for the latter.
08:16 Wed 26th Jun 2019
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I've seen people using the 'rules is rules' argument to defend this.
What is wrong with these morons?
Just watched the clip. Connolly is a foul, loud mouthed offensive pillock. To me about as funny as impetigo.
Sacking someone because of their questionable humour displayed upon Facebook seems rather counterproductive, as ASDA has drawn more attention to an in-house incident than necessary.
Was he sacked for blasphemy or for bringing the company into disrepute on social media?
Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it more and more companies have rules about what can be posted on social media.
My son is not allowed to post anything political on social media and that includes sharing others opinions.
Same here ummm someone at work was investigated for posting comments on 12 July
If he did it during work hours fair enough. If not them the company is out of order.
I agree with RR. It was probably a breach of company policy but it happens to be something about religion. And religion should be officially classified as just a hobby/passtime without any concessions or priveliges; the same as any other hobby or passtime.
I don't agree, Boaty, they want their staff to at least appear neutral. There is nothing to stop them posting in a private group.
This is the reason why I have no work colleagues as friends on my FB. Not that I post anything controversial, but my private life is exactly that.
If you mention the company name on your profile then fair enough, if you dont then the company should butt out.

I dont think this has done ASDA many favours though, likely to loose shoppers rather than gain them as for all the shouting right-on liberal left are in a minority - and probably shop at an organic peace shop.
" but my private life is exactly that."

Dont have any social media that requires a personal profile then !!
Either his coat was on a shoogly peg already or ASDA are up their own ***.
If pushed I'd opt for the latter.
If you’re familiar with the demographic of Dewsbury, you’ll know why he was sacked!
sounds like he(Connoly) was having a go at religion generally, not just Islam, usual over sensitivity to TR0P by TF0J.
Young - you don't have to give your real name.
//sounds like he(Connoly) was having a go at religion generally//

He was .. but no mention of his reference to the Vatican. Not hard to guess who the appeasement was intended for.
Clearly employers are allowed too much control over employees social media. It's one thing to claim one has used it to bring the company into disrepute, quite another to abuse power to use it as an excuse because they simply disagree. The individual who complained should have been told to grow up. Those involved with claiming it breached company policy need to resign en masse.

Maybe commercial concerns are incapable of contrilling themselves and need limits spelt out to them, and legislation debated in the House.
I think I would have tried taking it to a tribunal just to see what happened, and get more publicity for something that seems to be unreasonable.

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