I Wonder How Many Donations This Guy Will Get......

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ToraToraTora | 09:50 Fri 21st Jun 2019 | News
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The sheer brass neck of the man. "hell awaits gay people" -" oh lend me a tenner" !


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But I thought religious stuff trumped all else. Or is that only for certain religions ?
// The devout Christian argues his firing was unlawful and an act of religious discrimination. //

Except he's not been fired for being religious, he was fired for talking s**te, or rather writing it. What an idiot.
Sadly he'll probably get a fair few donations.
Religion for you.

No doubt be plenty of donations, most likely from the 'new arrivals' as well as Christian nutters from the US.
Already warned as to his future conduct after a previous(similar) infraction.

Seems he was dumbass enough to give them a second go and taunted them to sack him.

He succeeded. Case closed.
Silly man, should know you're not allowed an opinion these days.
That's not an opinion, its prejudice born of bigotry.
It's an opinion. "opinion" that the T&Cs of his contract expressly forbade him to express on social media. Now his employment has terminated, he's free to express it as much as he likes.
He sure is.
....and he's a grown man deluded enough to believe that there's a "Hell" (and presumably a Heaven)....enough said.
Oh good, have you finished now then ..
no...that's a question - it needs a question mark at the end^
Oh, apparently not ..
This guy with the brass neck has had his go fund me campaign shut down, oh dear.

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I Wonder How Many Donations This Guy Will Get......

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