Sajid Javid Eliminated

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douglas9401 | 17:05 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | News
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Worse things happen at sea.
His dad was a Pakistani bus driver you know.

No question, just thought it would have been on here sooner.


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None of them had any leadership skills. Javid was one that I thought had a chance.
Unless Boris grows up he will be a disaster.

Good News indeed ;o)
He used to come on holiday to my village.
Now we’re left with twit and slightly less of a twit. Feel free to change the vowel in there.
Thank heavens for that!
Sorry for Sajid
Gove out now.
//His dad was a Pakistani bus driver you know. //

Never! I didn't know that. How did you find that out, douglas? :-)
Gove, but not forgotten. It's a Sajid day...
Pleased to see the back of Gove too.
So, it's either Berkeley or Jeremy....

Shoota, when you say Jeremy, do you mean Clarkson?
I didn't know he was in it Balders, he'd get my vote.
Which one ( if either) candidate will be best Suited to be PM of Britain ?
The one most likely to get us out for real by the deadline.
If Hunt has any sense he will call it a day now. He only has the support of 25% of MPs against Boris's 51%. He is almost certain to lose in the wider party vote, and if he takes it to the wire the back benches loom.
So there won't be a bus stop outside No 10 in the near future
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I checked in Hansard, New Judge, the omnibus edition.

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Sajid Javid Eliminated

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