Fitness Tests For Female Fire-Fighters Could Be Reviewed.

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anotheoldgit | 13:14 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | News
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Once again all in the name of diversity.

If one's house was burning down who would care if it was a female or a male or a black person or a white person, who attended the fire?

But most importantly, in all cases we should assure that they are all fit enough to carry out their duties.


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Sorry AOG, can't read all the article without signing up for a free trial.
Me neither... but no, I wouldn't care as long as they were able to do the job.
"Just 5.7 per cent of firefighters are women, which is “too low,” said Zoe Billingham, HM Inspector of fire and rescue services."
"“Most fire services are not attractive employers to wide swathes of their communities so they are not accessing the widest talent pool possible,” she said. “Are selection tests creating a barrier?”"

So lower the standards to meet the liberal elite dream then?

I just hope its one of them that need carrying out of a burning building rather than one of us mugs caught in this ridiculous right-on drive.

Just employ the best person for the job, whoever they may be.
There aren't that many female airline pilots. We should think about correcting that imbalance by relaxing the checks on how well they can fly a plane.
Which tests have actually been relaxed aog? I can't read the whole thing?
This "privacy settings" moved back to the right is annoying on a mobile, as it covers "submit".
Thought the fitness tests were the same for men and women.
Zacs, that is entirely different for a start, as it is often about comfort too.
If males still have the same physical tests as women, they still have more chance of getting through. Are there actually different tests now or not?
Pixie I don't now for sure but surely men and women should be able to perform same tasks. But in Police force minimum height requirement is shorter for women.
That sounds fair though, Tony. Women have different skills in policing- female victims etc. I wasn't aware that firefighters had different rules for men and women, but frankly, if I or my children were being carried out of a burning building, I wouldn't care if they were male, female or gorilla...
I wouldn’t mind what sex carried me out of a burning building. But if I turned up to carry someone out, my being 5 foot 3, wouldn’t you rather a six foot bulky bloke?
I've seen fire brigade operate first hand with telescopic ladders etc to remove a body from top floor of 3 storey flat, couldn't get body down the stairs. | just had to refit window and make property secure.
Pixie all fire fighters have to pass same test.
Thanks, Tony x I agree clover, to some extent, but a 5'3 man may be less capable than a 5,'6 woman- it depends a lot on fitness. Not victims are strapping men, some will be women or children. If they can do the job- and clearly there are tests to prove it- would you really care? X
All about fitness ! The Fire Service needs ALL members to be VERY fit! One test that a Fire Brigade team member HAS to pass involves carrying a 15st Test Dummy out of a 'Fire Tower' down a ladder ! The dummy represents an unconsious person ! There is a time limit for doing this ! It is the same for Male or Female team members .
^^you forgot an exclamation mark!
The headline says it all: "Fitness tests for female fire fighters could be reviewed because of lack of women, say HM inspectors " - so not many women pass the fitness test to be a fireperson! Well roger me sideways! we want more women because we are obsessed with PC cobras so we'll lower standards so Sheila from accounts can join up, just don't expect her to lift you down the ladder when your house goes up! what a load of cobras!
eddie perhaps they can send the women when the building is full of jockies or something! PMSL!
TTT, read Eddie's post at 15.O2, By the way not many snakes get into a fire station.

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Fitness Tests For Female Fire-Fighters Could Be Reviewed.

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