Fitness Tests For Female Fire-Fighters Could Be Reviewed.

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anotheoldgit | 13:14 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | News
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Once again all in the name of diversity.

If one's house was burning down who would care if it was a female or a male or a black person or a white person, who attended the fire?

But most importantly, in all cases we should assure that they are all fit enough to carry out their duties.


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Pixie, you can't dispute where it says 'Given the innate gender differences in musculature – upper body strength especially – this is something more likely to be found in men than women. The requirements of the job militate against an equal distribution across genders in the workforce'
Ergo, trying to balance up the number of female FireFighters is.....cobblers.
I believe they had already lowered the fitness standard so that more women and pansies could join up. If they reduce them further, God only knows what the state of some of the people that get in would be.
This is Common Purpose 101.
I’ve never had to use the fire service [touch wood] and don’t know anyone who works in it, but surely there’s more to it than carrying people over their shoulder. Some things need a defter touch.
The more people there are available for all situations the better.
I have also seen fireman in action at a chimney fire, no women on the crew, I took there chimney cleaning thingy back to station next day, they left it behind. Men lol.
That, Tonyv is the reason more female firefighters are needed.

Someone has to put things away.
Ooh, ozzy LOL ;)
Yes you are probably right there Ozzy

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Fitness Tests For Female Fire-Fighters Could Be Reviewed.

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