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Bigbad | 08:12 Thu 20th Jun 2019 | News
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After being eliminated last night, Mr Stewart said

“A no deal brexit would be catastrophic or that you can’t negotiate a new deal with Europe
probably were truths that people weren’t quite ready to hear.”

Are these the words of a sore loser?

He has also said that he wouldn’t serve in the cabinet under any of the remaining candidates.

Has he shot himself in the foot?


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I think Rory is parliament's answer to Baldric - (not ours, Blackadder's)
yeah I had heard that - there are various things that cannot be changed - and thought

how true how true

and also wondered if Mrs May was saying - yeah come to your cake and ha'penny you b;st;rds ! eat the crip you made me eat !

The minority is always right - Ibsen, Enemy of the people
Sounds like the words of someone worried about the country and its future, not a sore loser.

I’m deeply disappointed that he’s out. I don’t the rumours of ‘cheating’ by Johnson. Do we want a man like that as PM?
// I think Rory is parliament's answer to Baldric//

o god I dont - Baldric doesnt go round saying, the EU will brook no further change to the treaty of separation does he?

an obvious truth but that doesnt mean B says it

anyway - Ror' was said to be in MI4 ( I can neither confirm nor deny that ) and Baldric the marines ( I can confirm that from his own testimony) - there is a difference you know
It's what he's been saying all along and why he wasn't a suitable MP and why it was amazing he got through the first round.

Of course the chances of the EU suddenly deciding to be reasonable, and moving fast enough to agree something acceptable by the the 31st of October is as near impossible as it could be, but some are ridiculously optimistic. Of course no-deal will be a hit, but describing it as catastrophic is massive exaggeration, 'project fear' style, but some are ridiculously pessimistic.

His choice whether to accept or reject any offers after Brexit.
Question Author
“I don’t like the rumours of ‘cheating’ by Johnson.”

The cheating in his personal life doesn’t seem to be rumours, Cloverjo.
He’s obviously capable of extreme duplicity, so I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.
Besides which, I don’t really understand why he’s so popular.

He’s highly likely to be the next PM, but I wouldn’t vote Conservative until/unless he can prove himself to be a good one.
Although other contenders are perhaps a tad over optimistic about a renegotiation the options remain, May deal or no deal. The last ne’er we procrastinate the more we pay in.....

The game is afoot to stop no deal so we will see how that goes.

Does he mean he will never serve in a cabinet under any of the contenders ever, just while Brexit is being sorted, after Brexit is (eventually) sorted or even if they get in as PM at some future date? He’s not been clear on this issue lol
Plus side for Mr Stewart: nobody can leave on any terms because Parliament won't allow it. (Hey, electorate: stuff you!)

Minus side for Mr Stewart: I'm going to persuade the cuntry lawyers and placemen (check Burke 's "Reflections on the French Revolution") to endorse a new treaty (replacing the old) which binds us forever to the EU while surrendering our voting rights (for what they're worth).
// “I don’t like the rumours of ‘cheating’ by Johnson.”//

two wives down and on a girl fren'

BoJo was in the Sextator scandal - I thought everyone knew
( Spectator journal as a knocking shop and he was one of the knockers, and samantha thingey ( she with the big t....) was another )
Stewart is a leftie liberal, a fact pretty much proven by Clover liking him.

What matters is the thoughts of Conservative voters, or would be. The thoughts of people like Clover (Sorry clover I'm not picking on you just using you as an example) who clearly would never vote Tory count for virtually nothing, except maybe to prove the candidate is not a true Tory!

Stewart is clearly doolally and would be better placed in the Liberal party. IMHO.
I meant cheating by ‘lending’ votes to other candidates in order to knock Stewart out of contention.
Lol, youngmafbob. Your first two paragraphs there are correct.
we do all realise that there is no other treaty other than the one Mrs May negotiated, dont we ?
so it is a question of take it or leave it

we dont - do we ?
//so I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.//

Neither would I.

"Eminently feasible" in last night's "debate" said it all.

They are all liars or clowns.
PM !!!!!

This is why it's so &^$%##@ annoying being interrupted for a conversation when writing a post !!!
// I meant cheating by ‘lending’ votes to other candidates in order to knock Stewart out of contention.//

Dominic Raabs campaign mgr bleated:
MPs didnt vote as they said they would vote !
well there 's a thing !
// They are all liars or clowns.//
yeah but they are the liars or clowns in charge at present

so we are where we are - - [those comments arent too ... rich or opaque for the average ABer are they?]
Is there any chance that we might be invited to a bore-fest of Pet's marital indiscretions?
In the possible, though not necessarily probable, hope that there are some such.

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