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Good lord, is there no deterrent in this country any more against crime and thuggery. Rather than saying a custodial sentence should be a last resort, it should be the first and only resort. Otherwise the violent gutter rats of society have nothing to lose. Our judicial system is warped!
13:30 Thu 20th Jun 2019
I remember this happening early last year and the reports then were very different than what is being reported today. The gang had already attacked Mariam and her sister and broken the sister's leg about four months before this attack. The police apparently just filed a complaint form in.
The gang not only pushed her onto the side of the bus but chased her up on to the upper deck of the bus and beat her until she was unconscious.She was hospitalised and had a bleed on the brain and suffered a stroke. Our justice system stinks at the moment . It's time to have zero tolerance. Those girls need punishing for what they have done. Evil,smirking rotten *********. Imagine the terror that young girl felt and the abject misery that her family now face for life.
I'm afraid a couple of things trump all of that, andres.

Lessons will be learned. Makes you want to weep.
^^^ douglas 9401-- That's true, and sadly it has become a meaningless saying .
You only contempt should be towards the judges.
Not so spath, not only do I feel contempt for the judges, I also feel it (massively) for the female feral thugs who attacked this poor girl.
well yes, that's understandable.
I know that, I was replying to your comment that we should only feel contempt towards the judges.
you were right to include the girls with that contempt.

You should only feel contempt towards the girls, and the judges.
//Whatever the result of their thuggery they should have been banged up - as should anyone who behaves in the way they behaved. They're thugs.//

//naomi....they are very , very lucky thugs.//

They are not lucky at all, sqad. The chances of them being sentenced to custody for the offence of affray at the age they were was, as I hope I have explained, next to nil.

//Two of them were eighteen//

Not at the time of the offence they were not. If they were they would have been dealt with in the adult court (and the younger defendants would almost certainly have stood beside them).

//You only contempt should be towards the judges.//

Did you read my post of 13:29, spathi? Or did I waste my time?
Ludwig - // //I am sure everyone on here is sick of violent people, and I don't see any 'apologists' for them on here - are you seeing something different? //

My statement is simply what it says. It mentions nothing about anyone or anything that I'm seeing 'on here'.

Any contributor to this thread would either have to be slightly paranoid, or have an over-inflated sense of self importance to construe that it was aimed at them. //

You didn't actually 'aim' it at anyone specific, which was my point.

We have now clarified that you were not referring to people on here, but to some nameless individuals you encounter elsewhere.

//naomi....they are very , very lucky thugs.//

My point was if the medical evidence had convinced the Judge that there had been a direct link between the assault and the "stroke" then they would not have been facing a charge of affray, but one of maybe manslaughter.

That was why i described them as "lucky."
Thanks, sqad. Point taken and understood. I thought you were speaking of their "luck" at not being imprisoned for the offence charged.
Perhaps they are 'fortunate', rather than lucky.
// We have now clarified that you were not referring to people on here //

A point which never needed clarifying, except obviously to you.

If you say so.

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