What Do You Think The Trumpster Will Do About This?

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ToraToraTora | 17:32 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | News
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It's unclear.
I really don't know.

Taking relations with N.Korea for example and Trump's war of words/threats before meeting Kim, anything is possible....
If he has any sense (and that's a planet-sized 'if'!!!) he will keep of twitter and let professional diplomats who know what they are doing handle the situation, and avoid the endless temptation to run off at the keyboard like some dopey redneck in a Texas bar.
Iran signed a deal to cut enrichment of Uranium. In return, they were to get international sanctions lifted.

Then, last May Trump pulled out of the deal, reintroduced the sanctions followed by the UK and others.

So in effect there is no deal left to break. The US cannot pull out of their commitment to a deal, but expect Iran to still fulfil their side of the agreement.

What will Trump do?
That’s an easy one, he will Tweet a lot of nonsense, rant and rave, double down on sanctions, and Congress will stop him dragging the US into another pointless and expensive war.
Trump will not do anything more than call for and indeed implement harsher economic sanctions. What the Israelis may be forced to do is a different matter. The Iranian regime has vowed to raze Israel to the ground and fully intends to do so, if it has the means, with no regard for what they may get back in return...… They don't think like that. Their beliefs lead them to expect the afterlife to be paradise. I should imagine that the hawks in the Israeli military already have the strike "options" already rehearsed.
Question Author
so, gromit, what did iran do to make the US pull out of the deal, I'm sure there is cause and effect here.
This just in: he's going to build a wall and drain the swamp, bigly.
What caused the USA to pull out of the deal - Trump was elected, he had said he didn't like the deal (by no small measure because it was Obama's and not his) so he unilaterally cancelled it. All the international inspectors had repeatedly confirmed Iran was complying. There was no cause but lots of juvenile effect.
If John Bolton, one of Trump's key advisers, has his way, then the next step will presumably be a full-scale invasion. But, as has been pointed out, Iran has only broken the terms of the deal after the US pulled out of it. This situation has been created by the US.
//what did iran do to make the US pull out of the deal//

Perhaps it's what they didn't do...……. Like
Pushing ahead with the development of an intercontinental ballistic missiles, despite denying they were doing so.
Preventing international weapons inspectors from having access to Iranian military sites, despite promising not to.
Continuing to support sectarian violence in places like Syria and Yemen, despite the deal’s promise to contribute to "regional and international peace and security."

In fact lying and denying that they were, knowing that the useful idiots would believe them no matter what.
He'll ask them to stop it. And if they don't he'll bomb the ***!
I'll try bar stewards with a space.
Here you are Judge. :))

The timing of the so called Iranian mine attacks in the Gulf of Oman is beginning to look suspicious. Knowing this deadline was nearing, the last thing the Iranians would do would be to cause an international incident.
It seemed a bit bizarre the attackers of the tanker came to remove the evidence of an unexploded mine.

This is an interesting article dated 24th May 2019.

To cut a long story short, it alleges the US will create a crisis in the Gulf so that it can sell $Billions worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They are prevent from doing these arm sales at the moment by Congress. If there is a crisis that affects the US’s allies (Saudi and UAE) then Trump and his NeoCon buddies can bypass Congress’s veto and make a killing - literally.

I can't take conspiracy theories of any sort seriously. Still, the fact is that the US is very hawkish towards Iran at the moment, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they were keen on jumping on even the slightest hint that Iran did something dubious before checking the story out.
Trump, a NeoCon? Surely not.
Trump is exceedingly jealous of Obama's Peace Prize and will go to any lengths to get one himself.

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