Has Anyone Heard Of This?

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Khandro | 12:49 Mon 17th Jun 2019 | News
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'The European Labour Authority' - ever more and more Europe, and time for a sharp exit?
Remember, If you can't vote them out, you ain't living in a Democracy.


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There role is 3-fold. They:
Facilitate access for individuals and employers to information on their rights and obligations as well as to relevant services.
Support cooperation between EU countries in the cross-border enforcement of relevant Union law, including facilitating joint inspections.
Mediate and facilitate a solution in cases of cross-border disputes between national authorities or labour market disruptions.

What's so bad about that?
"What's so bad about that?"

It includes such taboo words as 'European', 'labour' and 'authority', maybe?
Yes, it's been in the planning for a while now.
Well, there role is quite bad, innit?
Complete Despots. My God, I'm glad were going out.
The ELA's stated aim is to protect and improve the position of observance of workers' rights. Those who welcome the support will welcome the ELA's input, those who oppose the ELA's aims will of course fight against the ELA's influence. The UK has at best a mediocre ranking in connection with workers' rights, see pagres 10 and 11 of:
Those who oppose improvement in the UK will of course want out of the EU.
Even Tony Blair used to know the 'free movement of people' would be disastrous for working class people. I'm surprised AB's champagne socialists can't see it.
The ELA was approved by MEPs (Remember voting for them?) in April and won’t be fully operational until 2023 (long after we have left).
Participation in it is not mandatory and member countries can voluntarily opt in if they want to or stay out of it. It is fairly toothless and destined achieve very little.
You have probably never heard of it because the majority of UK MEPs were UKIP (and now the Brexit Party) who very rarely turn up or bother to vote.
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Why do some people always think that bigger is better, despite the evidence to the contrary wherever one looks?
//The ELA was approved by MEPs (Remember voting for them?)//

Indeed I do. Unfortunately, try as I may, I cannot find out how the UK's MEPs voted on the matter. I did manage to find out that our elected representatives were not allowed to decide on where the new authority's headquarters would be:

This new "authority" is a perfect demonstration of the entire Brexit issue. It simply boils down to whether you want the UK's affairs to be framed and passed by the UK Parliament or whether you want them framed by unelected civil servants, passed by a forum where the UK has only 10% of the representatives and where the needs and requirements of the UK are not paramount.

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