Heathrow Drone Protest Postponed

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mushroom25 | 13:40 Sun 16th Jun 2019 | News
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//On Friday, police warned those involved they could face life imprisonment..... //

given the benchmark of police action during the April protests (in which their reluctance to get involved led to 11 days of disruption), would they have bothered to take any action, never mind anything that might lead to arraignments carrying punitive sentences?


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When there's a risk to life and limb, as there might be in this case, the police would surely be expected to intervene.
They would definitely have got involved - too much at stake
Looks like the warning has been sufficient for them to call it off.
You would expect that the Police would have tactics and strategies ready to deal with such a threat but having seen the long delay in dealing with the last protest one does wonder.

Tuesday's plan may have been postponed but it won't be long before the next event.
Just as well it's called off, two officers are booked off on holiday at that very time so cover would have been well nigh impossible.
AG, no way will they risk life imprisonment, or any other serious punishment.
for this sort of public disruption needs a proper punishment, well done plod.
Except that 'plod' arrests, others sentence and life seems a vain hope given recent offerings from the courts.
we'd all be better off if they just went raping and killing instead; no life sentences for that.
Quite, jno. We should only prosecute them after they have managed to kill 500 people.
Question Author
//We should only prosecute them after they have managed to kill 500 people. //

would you like to see the repeal of legislation concerning the safety of aircraft then Spath?
the film Minority Report did make the sensible suggestion that we should just arrest people before they do anything. A good precog regime could easily single out the likely ones just by reading posts on AB. I look forward to it!
Spath hasn't said anything, mushroom.
Presuming you meant me, I was making a facetious reply to Jno. Sorry if it wasn't clear.
You watch too many films, jno. It makes sense to arrest people with knives, guns, bombs, before they kill people.
Ditto, airport drone fliers.
Question Author
//Presuming you meant me//

yes. mmm, that'll teach me to only half pay attention to the avatar. apologies to Spath.

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Heathrow Drone Protest Postponed

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