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The way some of the clergy behave you'd think they've been on it for years.
The whole country is going to POT.
If it's legal, medicinal cannabis, what's the issue?
The positive effects of medicinal cannabis are clear and investment may help to need many who need it, especially the children get it soonest.
Herbal cannabis can help enormously with pain relieve.
Why have you got a Cocaine user as your avatar ?
Ahwaaah, wahwahwahwah as someone once said.
Several people near me in France grew cannabis as a legal crop destined for the legitimate medical industry. It has proven beneficial uses.
Yes it certainly has medical benefits, its just a shame you have to buy it in a clandestine manner at the moment in UK.
Question Author
I thought it was prescribable tony.
// The positive effects of medicinal cannabis are clear//
are you sure about that ?

the current position is that the doctors dont think it will benefit that particular child
the mother has insisted - yes yes it does ! it does !
and the doctors STILL say they are not sure ......

a neighbour who had neck spadgems ( c/o Sairie Gamp ) bought and tok skunk ( yeah tok it, it kinda fries your brains ) and found it so awful he - - -
gave it one of his employees

yeah I work in one of those parts of the city

so to be frank - - I am not sure - and if it does what var
... cultivar

cannabis sativa comes in various flavours - not species but cultivars
yeah gave it
pity to waste it
and didnt dock his wages

yeah I work in that part of ....
There will be people who think they need it but don't, some have benefited already though.
yeah but no but
we dont have to cater for patient wants but more patient needs

I mean one kid the parents said the fits had gone down from 20 a day to two
and the doctors said - on the ward that didnt happen ....
oh but yeah said the parents ....but ....
I used to know a lady a few years back that suffered with MS , and it had great benefits for her.
My wife vapes the legal version to help her with facial nerve pain. She says it helps. I say it stinks.
Gromit, 15.06, are you saying that Boris is a Cocaine user, or just the people who vote for him ??.

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Church Invests In The F B W D....

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