Don't Come Round Ere With Yer Common Sense.....

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ToraToraTora | 15:01 Fri 14th Jun 2019 | News
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An unusual case of a Labour MP talking sense. Looks like Jezza's storm troopers are crushing the dissent.


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I totally understand the apparent fear of the Muslim parents, whilst disagreeing with these loud and unpleasant demonstrations.

It's sad they feel their family values are so fragile as to be damaged by their children knowing that the world consists of different family groupings and relationships.
Talking of these new familial arrangements, can anyone explain a cultural stereotype found in myth and fairy story: the evil step-mother? And the why of that. And the possible connection with its new versions.

The protests are loud and noisy just as you expect from an intolerant group which will always resort to violence in order to get its way. I'm afraid gay activists and multicultural idiots will just have to get used to the paradox they've so assiduously sought and achieved. And its necessary and unpleasant consequences.

Oh, and predictable.
To be fair the loud and noisy protest seems to usually come from the intolerant left.

For me there is a difference between educating children on the different family setups etc and promoting those different setups when thy are a very tiny minority of the population.

The fact this tiny minority have a loud voice and it is a trendy leftist dogma to promote that minority way above its pay scale is why this is an issue.

All those bashing the Islamic community for their ‘backward’ family traditions in this instance can often be found defending them about their other backward traditions. Such as burkas or segregation or homosexuality or women as second class citizens etc etc.

The fact is that Islam is a backwards religion that sticks to its religious dogma and doesn’t care about western freedoms (that actually allow it to flourish in more liberal countries).

Christianity has (for the most part) transitioned from ‘we must convert the world to Christianity by force if necessary’ and ‘be damned and sent to hell for any conceivable sin’ to quite a liberal religion.

Westonisation eventually waters down dogma to make it more palatable to the masses.

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Don't Come Round Ere With Yer Common Sense.....

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