Ve-Day Bank Holiday

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JF85 | 10:22 Fri 14th Jun 2019 | News
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Additional bank holidays were created for royal weddings and the Queen's jubilee, but this is the second time that VE-Day commemoration has been marked by a recycled bank holiday from somewhere else.

What does this say about the fawning, royalist attitude of the government, and its contempt for the traditional workers' Mayday celebrations?


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I'm sure it speaks volumes, or not.
I can't say I've ever seen workers celebrating a traditional workers' Mayday. They just appear to have a day off - like the rest of us.
Who needs a calendar anyway when most of us have smartphones! ;-)
AG//most of us have smartphones!//
Where is your evidence for that.I doubt it very much.
A lot of businesses and charities send out calendars as a means of aadvertising.
danny must have missed your wink, ag.
Naomi, my post at 10.37 was an observation, not a reply to AG.
danny, I was referring to your post at 10.30.
I don't think it says anything about contempt for the workers. Not all workers work monday to friday and bank holidays mean nothing to shift workers anyway (a day in lieu will suffice)
Naomi: Tolpuddle is good fun each May Day.
Naomi, OK, I obviously missed the wink.
Paigntonian, for obvious reasons I guess. I've been there - but not on May Day.
Just for you Danny!

Thanks AG :-)
Workers Mayday? Last time I looked we were not in Russia.

Mind you Comrade COB is probably rattled by it.
What it confirms is that the (very recent) thread about people being easily offended/taking umbrage still has legs.
SJ you are lucky if you get a day off in lieu for working Bank Holidays - most care workers don't. What about all the BH events that are over two or three days and have been planned for months - and for my own particular hobby of dog shows we have to be licensed months beforehand and venues/judges booked - why on earth could they not just give us the Friday as an extra?
"why on earth could they not just give us the Friday as an extra?"

Probably because the cost to the economy is considered too much?

"Each bank holiday costs the UK economy £2.3bn a"
From a trusted leftie source:
Lankeela - I get a day in lieu because I`m not paid any extra for working on BHs (even on Christmas Day). Seems fair to me.

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Ve-Day Bank Holiday

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