Ve-Day Bank Holiday

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JF85 | 10:22 Fri 14th Jun 2019 | News
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Additional bank holidays were created for royal weddings and the Queen's jubilee, but this is the second time that VE-Day commemoration has been marked by a recycled bank holiday from somewhere else.

What does this say about the fawning, royalist attitude of the government, and its contempt for the traditional workers' Mayday celebrations?


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Random Patriotic Day Holiday When The Nation Needs Distracting.

Next year it'll be June 19, aka Boris Day.
// and its contempt for the traditional workers' Mayday celebrations?//

nothing to say about this - unless the recycled holiday is a mayday brothers' hoolie ( workers may day celebration )
Why on earth should we "celebrate" beating the s*** out of another European nation who are now our friends in the EU?
Because of all the brave young lads who never came home again, maybe ???
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Interesting. Thank you for your comments. I remember Margaret Thatcher wanted to scrap the Mayday bank holiday when she first entered Downing Street, but reading up earlier I saw that it was mooted again in 2011. The tradition goes back centuries but it appears Conservative governments are offended by its later link to International Workers' Day.

I have no beef with commemmorating the sacrifice and bravery of veterans, but think it deserves its own day more than the wedding of the child of the heir to the throne, for one example.

Thanks again, your contributions are appreciated.

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Ve-Day Bank Holiday

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