Labour No Deal Vote Plan Rejected By Parliament

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mushroom25 | 17:39 Wed 12th Jun 2019 | News
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judging by the reaction on the labour benches, that was clearly "the wrong answer". should they now be campaigning to have the vote re-run? it would be the democratic thing to do, wouldn't it?


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Oooo ... Jeremy's got his wild up! How very dare they?!!
//should they now be campaigning to have the vote re-run?//

Only if they can introduce a postal vote. I wonder how many of the Labour MPs who have ignored the wishes of their British, working class, constituents were indeed "placed" in position due to the postal votes of our new and vibrant additions to British cultcha? After all does not the labour leadership and the adherents to the religion of peace have a perceived common enemy?
Thank goodness for that.
Clear attempt to thwart the referendum result.
Good. Glad to see parliament has some sense at last, although I note there are still a few Tory rats in the sewers. Starmer and co. will stop at nothing to frustrate the will of the people.
result, but even if it succeeded what legislation could stop no deal?
With friends in the EU, never ending postponements. Or a vote to renege on the referendum and stay in. Today's parliament doesn't believe in democracy except for MPs. They, as a group, are untrustworthy and not up to being our representatives.
They can't vote against "no deal" as that may well be the only option.
A vote re-run would only be democratic if we ignore them all equally.
Why has Letwin not already been deselected? A snake in the grass if ever there was one.
And still they try to undermine the electorate. To blazes with them.
It might have done better if it hadnt got Corbyns name on it but he wanted to showboat.
A classic case of a united opposition plus a few renegade Tories failing to defeat the government. I would be very interested to see how the DUP voted on this one.
Question Author
//I would be very interested to see how the DUP voted on this one. //

here you are......
interesting that some of Jezza's storm troopers voted with the Tories.
Very interesting. I note that there were six Tory rats, including Ken Clarke (surprise) and that Giyah fellow who had pretensions to the leadership. Fortunately they were offset by about the same Labour MPs who had the courage to defy Corbyn.
nothing in the HOQ surprises me anymore, KC's always been a VBQ so no surprises there.
It seems now that many wont vote for a donkey with a red rosette or a pig with a blue one (except perhaps call me Dave ;-) )Just as the Tory quislings will loose their seat it, so will any labour MP's whos have overwhelmingly leave constituencies. Rather looks like self preservation is at last kicking in.

Clarke sholud have been deselected years ago. Total Leftie and certainly in the wrong party.

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Labour No Deal Vote Plan Rejected By Parliament

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