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AOG - // But as regards sexism and social stereotyping, you cannot watch much comedy because those subjects are all part and partial of any comedian's package of jokes. //

I don't watch any comedy.

// You must watch Live at the Apollo sometime. //

No, I mustn't.
"There are many skin colours that are all from GB, and I am sure those that happen to have non white skin colours, would be most offended that you class them as not coming from the GB."

Very true AOG, and apologies if I have offended anyone.

However, what I mean was If an English is being racist to a scott, it's not going to be over skin colour now, is it.
Same with an irish to a welsh or a scots to a irish.
"How on earth do I award BA?! "

/// Simple, give it to one of my answers. They are all the best. ///

Self praise is no recommendation.
AOG - // // I think you will find yourself in a minority in that wish. ///

Really??? have you then carried out a poll amongst the British public on that one? //

You really are spoiling for a fight today aren't you!

Obviously I was merely venturing an opinion, but if you really want evidence of the popularity of 'Tommy Robinson' based on the reaction to his pretense that he is a 'politician' - I am sure you recall his recent election result - he lost his deposit.

If he can't hack it as a political candidate, which is where he clearly thinks his future lies, I imagine any future in comedy with the BBC is similarly limited - and that is an observation only, so don't bother jumping all over it.

/// Do you understand the difference between a hate crime (jokes of by gone era) and a joke about assault? ///

Jokes of a bygone era, were not hate crime, but then you wasn't around to tell the difference.

Take the much criticised TV show Love Thy Neighbour, it wasn't racist against blacks, it was if it comes to that, racist towards whites, seeing that it tended to show the bigotry of the white neighbour.

A few racist jokes, courtesy of some black comedians.

/// If not, leave the thread because it's tiring. ///

I don't need the likes iof you to tell me to leave the thread.

A word of advice, if you are tired, have a lie down and give us all a rest.
"Jokes of a bygone era, were not hate crime"

Generally, they were which is why it's a by gone era.

Jokes are timeless, they only become bygone when society forces them to be suppressed due to the nature of the joke.

Racist jokes, sexist jokes and other social prejudice jokes are hate crimes, if they were recognised as such at the time is moot.
some people are utter wangs
"A word of advice, if you are tired, have a lie down and give us all a rest."

I think i might have to, AOG.
Question Author
Incitement? ;-)

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