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The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If she's broken the law, she must face the consequences.
The headline claims she's rescuing them, which assumes their lives are in danger - but that is not what the Italian authorities are saying. If she is working with traffickers and encouraging illegal immigration I assume she's earning money from it. She deserves prison.
If she was just rescuing them and returning them from where they came, and from where they ought not have left, then I don't see the problem. Of course if she was picking them up and then smuggling them into Italy then there is a case to answer.
It will be an interesting case and one that has the potential to be protracted with appeals should the case against her be proven.

If she has colluded unlawfully, I consider a maximum sentence of 20 years to be excessive.
If she wanted to rescue them then return them to where they came from.

She appears to have broken the law and if found guilty then 20 years seems ok.

Only 20 years? ;o(

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German Boat Captain Could Face 20 Years In Prison For Her Mediterranean Rescue Work

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