Is Cannabis Now Deadly?

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spathiphyllum | 20:44 Tue 11th Jun 2019 | News
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Question Author
What is going on with my links -.-
Well I’ve died and went to heaven a few times
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Did it affect your heart Steg?
There's no 'htttp' (or 'https') bit in your links, Spath. (That's what AB's system looks for to identify a link).
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Thank you buen
I sometimes get the heart skipping a beat sensation, but I just had a check up no long ago and heart/ blood pressure was spot on
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Well... people get that without smoking anything lol, or just the act of smoking may cause that, can’t be guaranteed it’s the ‘THC’ doing it
Vaped herself to death ?
With it now legal in some places this was bound to happen at some point.

People, some of whom may not have indulged before or to a very small degree, now have an opportunity to have as much and in as high a grade as they wish.

Dope kills brain cells and makes people stupid. That’s why it’s called dope (amongst other things) and the ever higher density will be a factor in bodily reactions.
Always has been, it is a drug, and with any drug people respond to it differently.

Of course the problem is compounded with 'super strength'
Also indirectly with the number of younger users who develop psychotic illness after use and die either by suicide or misadventure. It has always been behind a number of fatalities.
Stronger and stronger hybrids also mean regular users may not notice the changes until the physiological effects become more extreme
I`m sure there have been more than afew stories over the years where a person trying cannabis has passed away after one try.

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Is Cannabis Now Deadly?

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