Who On Earth Invited Trump To Darken Our Shores?

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diddlydo | 19:17 Mon 03rd Jun 2019 | News
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Why are we entertaining this moron largely at the taxpayer's expense?


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"It will always be historically relevant."

Yes, with the rest of history.
Very well said, hereIam.
"Spath, this is why we cling to our old allies who helped our liberty & freedom - which the EU try to erode.

Yes, what you nee to understand, and everyone needs to understand is.. People are NOT protesting the USA, or the USA president.. They are protesting against a character, a man.. Donaly Trump.

It has nout to do with war, or our relationship with the USA. Many of the USA would protest trump also.

Think about ittttt
"D-Day must be celebrated as long as there are better men than you alive that still remember the horrors they endured and suffered. "

"better men" than me? Banter. How far is that stick?
Just because men were forced to war doesn't make them better than anyone. Just because they fought for the country means nout to me. I don't care if i'd be speaking german, cus i wouldn't know any different would i... Think abeet it.

//Many of the USA would protest trump also. //

And those who elected him wouldn't so you 'Think about ittttt'. These protests are actually an insult to them too.
You missed the point.
If i voted corbyn and he went to america and they booed him and protested against him being there, i wouldn't give a flying rats bottom.
I strongly suspect that quite a large percentage of these "protestors" are not really protesting at all. They have just latched onto the occasion in order to design silly banners and signs and mill around the streets shouting and hooting and hollering, making a general nuisance of themselves, and giving credence to the fact that mob-mentality is alive and well.
I doubt very much you would of got a chance to learn German if Hitler had landed. He had special ‘aktion commandos’ to deal with untermenchen as well as the jews.His lovely doctors pioneered euthanasia for certain types.
So i would have never been born, what a load of pan that would have saved us all!

I think you get what i'm saying though.
The queen also gave him a timely reminder about “institutions” which I hope he took on board.
Thanks naomi. I love the Queen.
Question Author
Gee - there are a lot of delusional people on this site. I absolutely fail to understand why/how anyone with a brain can be a Trump supporter.
hereIam - // God bless you Ma'am xxxxx //

When I read that, I could hear it being spoken aloud by the ghostly voice of Alistair Burnett!!
Diddlydo, what you fail to understand is that whilst some may not think he's the best thing since sliced bread, they have the honesty to frankly detest the disingenuous witch hunt against him that has been going on since before he was elected. In efforts to discredit him no stone is, or has been, left unturned - and still his ever-watchful 'critics' (to put it kindly) are frustrated because there he is, the elected president of the most powerful nation on earth, a guest in our country and dining with our Queen. Who's failed? Not him. You!

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Who On Earth Invited Trump To Darken Our Shores?

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