Record Number Of Migrants Cross The Channel.

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anotheoldgit | 10:23 Sun 02nd Jun 2019 | News
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Interesting to read this BBC footnote on terminology:

/// A note on terminology: The BBC uses the term migrant to refer to all people on the move who have yet to complete the legal process of claiming asylum. This group includes people fleeing war-torn countries, who are likely to be granted refugee status, as well as people who are seeking jobs and better lives, who governments are likely to rule are economic migrants. ///

Surely in this case there is legal process of claiming asylum, they are illegal entrants into our country.
On second thoughts however, they are not since it was our rescue boats that brought them into this country, and they themselves didn't enter it illegally.

If people are fleeing worn torn countries etc, then fair enough but are they not legally expected to apply for asylum in the first safe country they come to, and they pass through many of those so as to get to this land of milk and honey.


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//The UK endorsed the deal and praised it as a way to tackle illegal migration//

I believe the UK has also found a way to tackle knife crime. They plan to decriminalise stabbing people.

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Record Number Of Migrants Cross The Channel.

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